Beauty tips in hindi for eye makeup. 8 Eye Makeup Tips for Girls With Monolid Eyes, Preview

8 Eye Makeup Tips for Girls With Monolid Eyes

No need for eyelid tape!

Calling all chinita girls out there! If you're struggling to do your eye makeup, we've got you covered. You don't have to scour Pinterest or YouTube in search of the easiest monolid tutorials as we've rounded up below the most basic and doable eye makeup techniques for your eye shape! Scroll down and try them out yourself: Beauty tips eye makeup.

Having monolids gives you the license to draw a dramatic cat eye and actually get away with it. We all know the struggle of perfecting the feline flick, realizing that only a sliver of the line shows up as soon as you open your eyes!

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Make your eyes pop with some glitzy shadows on your lids. You may want to experiment with cream shadow sticks for better control and higher pigmentation.

Curl your lashes from the roots then lift (but don't pull!). Then swipe a few coats of a volumizing mascara to open up your eyes.

Beauty tips in hindi for eye makeup

4. Don't be afraid of falsies or lash extensions.

Make your eyes the focal point of your beauty look. You just have to be patient in mastering how to apply a pair.

Take advantage of the surface of your lids. The darker shade at the bottom doubles as your eyeliner. And as the hues lighten at the top, it can also work as a highlighter that adds depth and dimension to your eyes. Nude palettes work best if you want a natural look.

If you aren't a fan of eyeshadows but would like to add color to you makeup look, then you can switch up the classic black cat eye with a colored one! It's a fun way to make a statement with your eyes.

Beauty tips for eye makeup

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7. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

From the inner corner of your eye, extend the shimmer up to a third of your lower lids to fully brighten and open up your peepers.

Nars Duo eyeshadow in Hammamet, P1790, Rustan's Makati

Beauty tips applying eye makeup

By applying darker shadows on the outer corner of your eyes, you naturally extend and lengthen its shape.

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