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Famed as a Victoria's Secret model, a natural beauty guru and one of the most sought after faces in the world, there's not much Candice Swanepoel hasn't acheived in her 11-year career. Now, the 26-year-old is the new face of Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy, a fun and flirty fragrance. We tracked her down to talk about the makeup products she can't live without, how she motivates herself to go to the gym in the winter and the advice she'd give her younger self... Makeup beauty tips.

I love that it's so fun, the whole brand. It's for a girl that's fun, lives life to the full, and loves to party. The fragrance is really beautiful, it's kind of fruity in the beginning, then after a couple of minutes it gets richer, and more glamourous. So I can wear it from day to night, and I get lots of compliments when I'm travelling around.

What first attracted you to working on the Viva La Juicy campaign?

Viva is such an iconic brand. Having lived in the U.S. for so many years I always saw the Viva campaigns around and they were so vibrant, and so fun. And the team that I worked with, they were amazing.

The fragrance, like you said, is all about "fun", what do you do to have fun?

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I love staying active and being outdoors. I like to do a lot of hiking, my fiancé is a paraglider so we're always in the mountains flying. There are many things though - road trips, dancing with my girlfriends - so many.

Well, I'm trying to motivate myself right now! For me, it's better to continue my workouts - not everyday, but at least a few days a week so I don't get out of shape. It's also about finding things you enjoy doing. If I don't want to spend an hour in the gym, I'll make a point of going outside, going out for a hike or something else fun. The winter is hard because all you want to do is eat yummy food, and be cosy, and stay at home. My job is motivation enough for me, but I think it's good to mix it up, and have a good playlist.

You know, in New York I have a humidifier quite close to my bed because it gets really, really dry. And I switch my creams, I use a richer moisturiser. I also try to eat a lot of aloe vera and a lot of coconut oil. After a shower, I love to put coconut oil over my body - I hate to feel dry, that's one of my pet peeves. I'm one of those girls that constantly rubs oil over herself.

In terms of moisturisers, do you have any brands that you religiously use?

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I use a lot of natural products, rose water spray and I swear by my Biotherm body milk. I use that in summer because it's not too rich. Coconut oil I use for everything. I try a lot of different products out, I really love to do that.

Find the right light, face the light - and also to make it different. Because everyone has seen the regular selfie now, it's nice to have a nice background with something interesting in it.

Is there any beauty advice you'd give to your younger self?

From a very young age I loved taking care of myself. I'd make homemade masks, and my mum taught me to take care of my skin from a really young age. So my 15-year-old self had it figured out. Maybe wear less makeup though, because at 15 I did wear some makeup that I shouldn't have.

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