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Finding a new product to fall in love with is not easy when you’re working at the Amazingy HQ – new launches arrive at the office on a daily basis, but the innovations are generally more green-washed than they are actually natural. When we first discovered Votary, our team was completely smitten with the packaging: the rose gold labels, the dark green bottles – what a delight to behold! However,

Introducing the first video of our new 3QW/ series, an ongoing collection of short & sweet interviews with some of our favorite organic brands, green beauty bloggers, skincare experts, conscious consumers, and everyone in between ♥ First up: Soapwalla!

There’s nothing better than a relaxing warm bath at the end of a long day, and what better way to enhance that already heavenly experience than with bath bombs. The gentle fizz, swirling colors, fragrant scents, and soothing oils leave your skin feeling smooth — like you’re getting the luxury spa treatment you deserve. But do you know what’s actually in those magical little spheres? Often what makes them smell

The natural facial soaps from BINU have quickly become favorites in our skincare routine – here you can get to know the two founders, Katharina and Nami, a little more personally! These two powerful women have been friends since their elementary school days. And their personal interests became a common dream: BINU. Their joint search for natural and effective skincare has taken them to Nami’s home, Korea. Here you can learn

Our resident MUA here at Amazingy, Svenja Mauter-Schellong, recently teamed up with photographer Carolin Saage to have a photoshoot with DJ duo Britta & Unders from right here in our home city of Berlin – using only HIRO Cosmetics and wearing apparel by Demobaza – and the results were absolutely stunning! And we even got to ask them a few questions post-shoot about the ways in which they lead a sustainable lifestyle when they‘re

This event has concluded. Until next time! And the time has come… It’s the last of our 2017 Holiday Raffles! We want to thank everyone who has participated thus far – we cherish the community we’ve come to build with Amazingy, and we hope to continue to foster the values of greener consumption and sustainability as we take our first steps into 2018! Now without further ado, we offer to you

This event has concluded. Until next time! It’s the gift that keeps on giving: Amazingy’s Holiday Raffles If you’re just now joining us for this month-long event, then simply follow the steps below and prepare yourself for our 3rd Round! What’s up next? The über-cool feature pencil kit from Kjaer Weis: The Clym Kit <3 Created in collaboration with acclaimed artist Clym Evernden of @clymdraws, the Artist Kit offers all

This event has concluded. Until next time! So who’s ready for Round 2 of Amazingy’s Holiday Raffles? I know we are! And if you’ve also been having trouble adjusting to the drop in temperature, then we have the perfect answer to your winter woe’s: Tata Harper’s Winter Wonders Giftset! This dry skin recovery kit gives you all the hydrating essentials you’ll need to fight off the wintry frost and

This event has concluded. Until next time! The holidays are upon us! Snow is showing up on the weather forecast, Glühwein is heating up on the stove – and as per Amazingy tradition, we come this month bearing many gifts! First up: All of our HIRO pressed eye shadow shades in the largest palette, along with HIRO’s combo black mascara and eyelash curler! But here’s the catch – in order to enter

If you’re like me, when you’re strolling through the aisles of your local market, your eye jumps to green-colored packaging, and to marketing buzzwords like ‘recycled’, ‘natural’, or ‘organic’. We’re told the best way to help the environment is by being eco-friendly consumers, so when we’re given a choice between products, our instinct is often to lean towards the one that seems the most green. But it’s important to stay

Skin can be stubborn to deal with — especially the skin on your face. But if there is one technique you can use to see instantly gratifying improvement, it’s exfoliating. Exfoliation is a non-invasive and gentle practice that clears away the top layer of dead, dry and dull skin cells. The problem is, there are so many different types of exfoliators, scrubs and peels on the market, and all of

Beauty and makeup tips in urdu Beauty and makeup tips for monsoon Beauty and makeup tips pinterest Beauty and makeup tips tumblr Beauty and makeup tips in hindi Beauty tips and makeup ideas Beauty hair and makeup tips Best beauty and makeup tips Beauty an

When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, it feels like every day there is some new trendy diet that people swear by—whether it’s going vegan, cutting out gluten, or eating exclusively raw fruits and vegetables. The hardest part about integrating a new diet is often resisting the temptation of all the delicious (and now forbidden) foods; it can be torturous to go out for a meal with friends and

Glitter: as innocent and playful as just about anything can be. It’s fairy dust right? Or unicorn vomit? Or space sprinkles? It’s the perfect thing to make us look festival ready or as a final touch to a child’s face paint at their birthday party. It really seems there could hardly be anything more harmless. But, alas, glitter is a killer. An environmental killer that is. And not in a

Fall is in full swing. No denying it. Our Instagram feed is filled with images of colourful leaves, hot beverages and everything pumpkin spice. There’s something about the ushering in of fall that inspires us to get creative, try out something new, be a tad bolder than in summer. So, how about trying out a new lip colour? Some flush of silver around the eyes, perhaps? We compiled a handful of key

A significant portion of the world’s population is menstruating as you read this. For most of these women and girls, the easiest way to avoid a bloody mess is by using disposable tampons and sanitary pads. Unfortunately, these female hygiene products can pose a real danger to your health. I know it’s always hard hearing that something so convenient is unhealthy for you but, thankfully, there are convenient and appealing alternatives. Menstrual cups,

In the world of fashion and beauty, all things French evoke chicness and this is especially true for the hyped status of French skincare. While French cosmetics may have achieved a cult status, very few lines are natural or organic. The brand Absolution marks a change in this. All of their products are unisex and are made from a cocktail of wild flowers, minerals and vitamins. This August their products

Vitamin D and sun protection are equally important for the body. Yet, for the vast majority it’s a grey zone as to how much sunlight one needs to tank up on the vit D stores, before the burn of the sun takes it’s toll on the skin. Your body is biologically primed to synthesize vitamin D when the sunlight touches your skin. The more skin you expose, the more vitamin

While my hair is in some ways disappointingly straight, I have been surrounded by gorgeous curly-haired women my whole life. I always envied the perfect ringlets and the charming waves that framed their faces so nicely. I may not have the coveted curly crown, but I still have a fabulously simple recipe for a homemade curl cream for those of you who do. Thanks to my lovely friend Abby who

You might have noticed that our Amazingy portfolio recently welcomed a new gentleman. His name is Josh and this man has basically not only turned my bathroom upside down, but my whole world. Which says a lot, considering that I basically test everything that comes across my desk. May it be fancy oils, promising masks or high-tech serums, I will dig into everything that you put in front of me.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our inquisitive customers is: How can I fix my pressed mineral powder makeup that broke? It turns out, that not only is it super easy to do, but you probably have all the equipment you need around the house. The benefits of pressed powders? They travel better and they have a creamier texture AND they last for longer. What you’ll

Back in March, we were lucky enough to have the lovely co-founder of Rahua, Anna Ayers, over to our Amazingy showroom to explain to us in detail the complex color-supporting properties of the Rahua Color Full line. Also, she gave us the No.1 Beauty Advice all of us need to embrace right now: “Maintaining beautiful hair is not only about the products we put on our body but also what

#AnAmazingySummer To make this summer even more splendid, Amazingy is going all out and giving away, by far, the biggest and most amazing set of products yet. Brace yourself and hold onto your hats to you see what we have in store for you! Winnings: May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon Kjaer Weis Essential Trio of choice Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil Dr. Alkaitis Exfoliating Enzyme mask ILIA x 2 Lipsticks of

Beauty and makeup tips in urdu Beauty and makeup tips for monsoon Beauty and makeup tips pinterest Beauty and makeup tips tumblr Beauty and makeup tips in hindi Beauty tips and makeup ideas Beauty hair and makeup tips Best beauty and makeup tips Beauty an

Derived from all manner of flora and fauna, essential oils are potent elixirs that seem fit for a magic potion. With so many different potential uses and so many different oils to choose from, it can be kind of overwhelming. Here are some basic ones to give you the essential intro of essential oils. Jasmine Perhaps the most practical use for jasmine oil is for it’s mood-boosting properties. While many

Female body hair has always been and will probably always be a topic of heated discussion. Be it under the arms, on the legs or between them—the debate continues, to keep, or not to keep the hair, and is it all or nothing? If it has to go, then how? AH! A short history many of you will recognise… Oh how I remember blushing like a tomato when I as

This season seems to be filled with one hot release after another. And to be honest, the newest products by organic luxury brand Kjaer Weis have been my favorites so far. Adding to their amazing collection of cream products, Kjaer Weis has launched a new lipstick color, a highlighter, a bronzer and another foundation shade. Each product has had my heart beating faster, as they appear to be the missing

Hair, skin and nails are often the last part of the body to receives vital nutrients. They are also the buffer to the outer world, constantly receiving daily wear and tear of life. The result of the body’s neglect to its extremities plus the external bashing, are what contribute to the foundation of good growth, strength and health of hair, or lack there of. Hair needs to be kept in

It’s always better to shave using a soothing cream of some sort. Your skin is super sensitive and going straight on your skin using a razor is actually very bad for skin, especially if it’s already dry. You don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket to get smooth silky skin. Many of the ingredients for a deliciously decadent shaving cream probably exist within your kitchen already. There are

This gorgeous anytime look features the beauty of the Gressa Skin eye tints. The shade Bronce is perfect for green eyes, making them look even more vibrant. Madam Mina from ILIA Beauty works as a blush and a neutral lip color. This look proves beyond a shadow of doubt that green beauty is the best at enhancing your own natural beauty.

When the Gressa Skin Eye Tints arrived at our office, I was immediately hooked: the colors, the texture, to die for. I developed an instant crush on “Bronce” and “Aureo”. “Bronce” is a wonderful copper/bronze tone that really brings out the radiance in green eyes like mine. The reddish brown eyeshadow has a refined shimmer that suits every eye color. “Aureo”, on the other hand, is the highlighter that dreams

Beautiful lip colors swatched in feature photo all from ILIA Beauty In this series, Amazingy Magazine brings you well-rounded knowledge on some of the most prevalent ingredients out there. In our mission to promote a green and healthy lifestyle, inside and out, we believe that the first step is advocating educated consumption. We want you to be able to quiz yourself on back of a product with the ingredient list

Let me just begin this post by saying that I LOVE skincare. Meaning, I truly believe that a carefully curated skincare regime can actually change your life. I might sound dramatic here, but truth is that we all want to look and feel our best possible and, for me, this has to do with healthy skin. Glowing, effervescent and clear skin is something I have always yearned for. It shows

The quest for the perfect toner sometimes feels like the neverending story. Since I have naturally dry skin, anything astringent or alcohol based is automatically out. But there’s got to be something out there that works, right? Well, after a lot of searching and experimentation, I’m happy to say I’ve found a winning product. And I’m pretty sure you’ll like it too. Say hello to Whamisa! Whamisa is a Korean

Using only 5 products, Kirsten Kjaer Weis serves up a partyready look that proves just how glamorous simple makeup can be. • Prep face with moisturizer and a sheer veil of Foundation, then dot Radiance Highlighter along the cheekbones and nose. Blend well with Foundation or Blush Brush for a gorgeous, candle-lit complexion. • With makeup this simple, perfectly groomed brows are key. Brush out with the Brow Brush, and

Beauty and makeup tips in urdu Beauty and makeup tips for monsoon Beauty and makeup tips pinterest Beauty and makeup tips tumblr Beauty and makeup tips in hindi Beauty tips and makeup ideas Beauty hair and makeup tips Best beauty and makeup tips Beauty an

You’ve probably asked yourself plenty of times: do I really need to use eye cream? It seems like such a hassle, especially when you’re already planning on moisturizing your entire face anyways. My logic has always been: my face lotion, which can’t be that different, will inevitably cover my eye area too. My skeptical nature lead me to believe that eye cream is just a marketing ploy by the cosmetic

I may have gone slightly overboard in my chocolate binging during the holiday season, and, recently, I’ve decided to get back in shape. This means that you can find me either running around my neighborhood at night or jumping around my local gym a few times per week. So, I wanted to share with you the few things that make the whole work out experience a lot more enjoyable. To

It doesn’t matter if you are in the midst of puberty or if you recently celebrated your 40th birthday, there is one skin concern that is not bound to age or skin type. Blemish, pimples, zits—whatever you wanna call them—can say hello at any given moment. Of all the skin problems out there, this one seems to cause the most stress and depression. I am not talking about this lightly,

It’s Wednesday, and that means another Amazingy Video! This time we’ve prepared a fresh look for the beginnings of warmer weather and longer days using only Kjaer Weis products. ***CORRECTION CORNER: Kjaer Weis is a luxury makeup based in New York City, developed by the Danish-born makeup artist, Kirsten Kjaer Weis.

It’s freezing cold in Berlin right now and I’ve finally come to accept that winter is here to stay. The seasonal attack of brutal biting wind on my skin and hair never fails to leave me feeling dull and all dried out. Oftentimes inside is no better, as a result of indoor heating systems that sap moisture from the air. What to do? My colleague Annie recently explained how to

Don’t let the warm lovely tone of Tenderly fool you, this cream blush is an instant winter favorite, for more reason than one. Let me start off by telling you why I love cream blush so much. When I started wearing makeup, I was a powder blush gal like many of you. I was wary of cream blush, how to apply it and how pigmented it was. The first time

Not only does this chilly time of the year come with Christmas carols and mulled wine, it also comes with horrible skin woes. Once the temperature starts to drop, and our skin starts to become dry and itchy, your daily skincare routine should be updated. Your irritated skin is mostly due to the dry and crisp air that can seriously hurt the outer layers of our skin, leading to cracks

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