Beauty tips without makeup in urdu. Beauty Tips for the Holidays: NOMI’s Makeup Survival Guide

The holiday season is here, and that means a non-stop stream of festive parties. We spoke with the team at NOMI Beauty, The Knick’s newest partners, to learn how they tailor their make-up to the season. Here, they share how to get from the office to the party with a few quick tips to perk up your look. Beauty tips makeup.

NOMI’s Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Add glitter

“Add glitter liner on top of your normal eyeliner to make your everyday look a little more festive,” they recommend.

Highlight the eyes

On the inner corners of the eyes, use a metallic shade that’,s close to your complexion for extra highlighting. “If your skin tone is fair, use champagne. If it’,s olive, go for gold. If you’,re dark, bronze is your best bet.”

…,and the cheeks

Highlight your cheeks, too, they recommend. “A highlighter will pick up the holiday lights in all the right places, and after spending 8 hrs. in front of a computer, your look probably needs a pick me up!”

Beauty tips korean makeup artist

Add a touch of rose

“Dab a creamy blush or stain in the centers of your cheeks, then blend it out and down for the most natural-looking color.”

Use color under the eyes

“Colorful underliners add a festive flash of color, drawing a rich jewel tone on the lower waterline.”

Santa-fy the lips

NOMI’s team opts for ruby red lipstick this time of year. It “makes every holiday festivity even more festive!”

Beauty tips without makeup

Learn this and more at your next stay at The Knick, where guests can download the NOMI Beauty app and choose from a curated lookbook and book an in-room hair and makeup appointment.

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