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Look fabulous post-workout with these beauty tips

I love a good sweaty workout as it always makes me feel like a million bucks. However, whilst I feel good, I will generally look like a mess. This is all fine if you don&rsquo,t have anywhere to be afterwards. It&rsquo,s not so great when you need to get back to work in a hurry, go out and meet friends, or look good for a date. Lucky for you over the years, I&rsquo,ve learnt a thing or two on how to go from a sweaty mess to looking fabulous in no time. So, for you gym bunnies out there, here are some of my favourite post-workout beauty tips. Beauty tips for eye makeup.

If you want to get some beach wave curls going, then before your workout braid your hair, and then put it in a bun or under a cap. That way you get your hair off your face during your workout, which also helps prevent skin breakouts. Then, once you are finished with your workout, simply run a blow dryer over your braid, add some serum for finishing touches and viola, you have beautiful beach wave locks. It seriously looks like you have just stepped out of the salon.

Every gym bag needs some cleansing wipes in it. They are great for removing your makeup before a gym session, and cleansing the face after your workout. The wipes will get rid of any excess oil and sweat, and wipes are the quickest and easiest way to do this, without having to carry around bottles of skincare. They also make a great, quick, full body wipe down if you don&rsquo,t have time to have a shower.

Dry shampoo is a staple in my gym bag, and I really couldn&rsquo,t live without it. It&rsquo,s great because you get fresh hair without having to go all to the effort of washing, blow-drying and styling. Simply add dry shampoo to your roots and then brush out. You have fresh hair in a matter of minutes, with minimal effort.

4. Use waterproof eye makeup or an eye primer

Beauty tips in hindi for eye makeup

If you know you are going to be in a rush and won&rsquo,t have time to do a full set of makeup after your workout, then use waterproof eye makeup before hand. That way, it won&rsquo,t come down your face whilst you sweat it out. Let',s face it no one likes panda eyes at the gym. Then after your workout, simply cleanse the face with cleansing wipes (see above point) and re-apply your foundation.

If you are wearing eye makeup before your workout, put some paw paw ointment on under the eyes. That way any eye makeup that does come off during your workout will be easy to remove after. Paw paw ointment also makes for a good lip balm to rehydrate your lips, after all that huffing and puffing.

The easiest way to get rid of that red blotchy look is reducing your body temperature. I always splash cold water on my face straight after my workout. It quickly cools you down and reduces any post workout redness. If you need to cool down your overall body temperature, so you don',t keep sweating, you can simply run cold water over your wrists.

You lose a lot of moisture on your skin when working out. That&rsquo,s why I always make sure I refresh the skin and moisturise afterwards. I like to use an all-natural moisturising face spray or lotion. This also helps with cooling down, and reducing redness. For my body, if I have time I like to use something like coconut oil for an all over body moisturiser.

Beauty tips for applying eye makeup

You lose water when you sweat, and it&rsquo,s so important to replace the fluids you&rsquo,ve lost during your workout. Not only do you need to rehydrate helping the body to function, but water also helps to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

9. Use a primer on your face before reapplying your makeup

I like to use an all-natural makeup primer before reapplying my foundation. That way, the makeup will stay on whilst I cool down. I always go for an all-natural mineral makeup, so I&rsquo,m not putting any chemicals on my skin. Using an all-natural foundation is also good after a workout, so your skin can still breathe, and it will also reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

Hope you found these beauty tips useful. If you have any makeup or beauty topics you want for me to write about on the blog, then leave a message in the comments below.

Beauty tips for eye makeup

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