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Okay, so that was sort of a rhetorical question. I mean who wouldn't want the flawless skin, perfect bods and flowing, perfectly-undone hair we see on any given VS model--and it's all totally natural, right? Makeup beauty tips tricks.

Well, not exactly. Because while these ladies are certainly gorgeous, they're not as perfect as you might think. They, too, have puffy eyes, dull skin, bad hair days and, yes, even blemishes, just like the rest of us. That's where Colleen Creighton and Pasquale Ferrante--the beauty and hair geniuses behind many a Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret PINK look--come in.

We went behind the scenes at a Victoria's Secret PINK shoot in Miami, courtesy of Alison Brod PR, to find out all the secrets that go into looking like a VS model straight from the source. Read on to find out how you can get the look, with tips from Creighton, Ferrante and some of the models themselves!

Prep1. Hydrate inside..."I would say the number one beauty secret is making sure your skin is super hydrated. It [takes] both moisturizer, drinking water, and eating the right food," says Creighton, who created the showstopping beauty looks at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (in the PINK section) and who is responsible for developing that unmistakable fresh-faced Victoria's Secret PINK beauty look that we've all come to covet "Get as much green leafy vegetables as you can because those detoxify the body, and drink lots of water. [Remember] your skin is the largest organ of the body so what you put into your body is going to show up on your out. "The biggest mistake girls make is to stop moisturizing, especially if they are breaking out," says Colleen. "Because what happens then is you're drying out the top layer of skin and all the bacteria is getting clogged underneath where if you are hydrating with a really great moisturizer or a even a facial serum or something like that you are allowing it come to the surface, washing it away and let it heal." Colleen recommends beginning your makeup routine by using a good moisturizer, facial serum or facial oil (she's partial to Olio Lusso) on your skin.

3. Ice, ice baby. What's the best beauty product to instantly refresh your skin, de-puff your eyes, make you feel more awake and, best of all, you probably already have it in your freezer? Ice! If it's an early call-time, or a particularly long shoot, Colleen refreshes models' skin by putting a few ice cubes in a ziplock, wrapping it in paper towel and have them press it gently all over their face for a few minutes, paying special attention to the eyes.

4. Scrub up. "My big secret is I always use a lip scrub. It increases the circulation in the lips so they look nice and rosy and plumper," she says. She's particularly fond of the VS Pro Fx lip scrub and balm, in one.

5. Prime-time. Once the skin is good and hydrated, Colleen smooths on a moisturizing primer, which helps pores appear smaller.

6. Zen out. While Colleen is doing her makeup, Chanel Iman pipes up that the makeup artist usually gives her an organic "flower power" to chew on--a small pastille filled with organic flower essences that Colleen says "help you to relax, and maybe sit still for a little while." In other words, it's like organic valium.

Make-up1. By a nose. Now that the skin is hydrated and primed for makeup, it's time to conceal. Most of us already know to apply concealer under our eyes and on any blemishes but there may be a key place we're missing. "Right by the nose [under and on either side of the nostrils] is really important [to conceal.]" Colleens says. "That way you get rid of any redness there as well as the dark creases so it just kind of makes everything look fresher and brightens the face up."

Beauty makeup ideas tips and tricks Beauty tips and makeup tricks Makeup beauty tips tricks Makeup beauty tips and tricks Makeup tips tricks pinterest Beauty tips and tricks without makeup

2. Go light on the product. "[Getting that fresh-faced look] is about using the right product minimally." Colleen says. And the most important time to use a light hand is with your foundation. "I hardly use any foundation. I use a cream-based one and I apply it with a sponge that has already been dampened with Evian water. But I only use just two drops of foundation, and I just lightly dip the sponge in and then I put it all over the face."

3. Sheer lip. One of the key components of the Victoria's Secret look is a beautiful, sheer lip. To get the look Colleen says to use your fingers to apply the lipstick, "because it kind of bleeds over the edge of the line and that makes the lips look bigger." Add a little dot of gloss in the center of lips to "make them look even poutier."

4. Rosy cheeks. Colleen says a flushed cheek is essential to the radiant and pretty beauty look. "Apply a cream blush just on the apples of the cheeks with your fingers."

5. Bronze like a beach babe. When applying bronzer, Colleen tries to mimic the natural look you'd get after spending day at the beach, dusting bronzer only "on the nose, cheeks, chin, and maybe a little into your hairline," for that sunkissed look.

6. Curl-time. "Use an eyelash curler on your lashes--it makes all the difference." Colleen says. "It's like an instant face lift!" Sign us up.

7. Proof it. Colleen swears by waterproof mascara, regardless of the situation. "It won't smudge." Just make sure you have a good eye makeup remover to take it off with.

8. Groom brows. To make brows stay put, Colleen sprays a eyelash or brow brush with non-aerosol hair spray and then combs over the brows.

9. Don't underestimate a good spritzer. To refresh makeup, or to minimize any cakey-ness from using powder, Colleen will spritz models faces with Evian water spray.

Beauty makeup ideas tips and tricks Beauty tips and makeup tricks Makeup beauty tips tricks Makeup beauty tips and tricks Makeup tips tricks pinterest Beauty tips and tricks without makeup

10. Spotlight. Colleen uses a highlighter on the models' cheekbones and browbones very lightly, "because then you notice when someone turns they have this little sheen." She'll also dab some highlighter right in the corner of the eye, "to brighten up the face."

Hair1. Think natural. "We try to keep the hair as natural as possible," Pasquale Ferrante, superstar stylist and partner at ION Studio NYC tells us. "What we're trying to get is that look you have after taking a swim in the ocean and you let it air dry--that natural wave."

2. Start early. This natural look gets better as the day wears on, "so we prepare it a couple of hours before and then by the time we shoot it's settling in," Pasquale says.

3. Yes, curly-haired girls can get beachy waves too! "For girls that have curly hair you blow dry very roughly and then you spray a little bit [of salt spray] on to bring back a little bit of wave but not too much," says Pasquale. "After that, it's the same process [as with girls with straight or wavy hair.]"

4. Take a cue from the sea. To get that beachy look, Pasquale sprays damp hair with salt water spray--the one he likes is simply called "Salt Spray"--and focuses especially on spraying the roots, to "get that volume going on."

5. Wax on, wax off. Next, Pasquale works a wax he swears by, called Magic Move, into the hair, focusing especially on the ends. "It's amazing because it doesn't make the hair greasy, it just gives exactly the right amount of separation," he says. Then he follows with a softer, more oily wax, which he mixes in with the Magic Move, and uses minimally all over the hair, being mindful to "control the grease," while still getting texture. Afterward he'll give the hair one final spritzing of salt spray.

6. Use your hands. To enhance natural waves, Pasquale gently twists hair into loose coils, away from the face.

7. Put the blow-dryer away. After he's worked the hair with product, Pasquale leaves it to air dry.

Beauty makeup ideas tips and tricks Beauty tips and makeup tricks Makeup beauty tips tricks Makeup beauty tips and tricks Makeup tips tricks pinterest Beauty tips and tricks without makeup

8. Damage control. Salt spray can be drying so Pasquale recommends leaving conditioner on for an extra couple of minutes, especially for color-treated hair, the next time you shower.

The Rest (from the Models themselves!)1. Confidence. Think parading around in your bikini in front of dozens of people is always easy (even for these ladies)? Not a chance. While they might look perfect to us, even stunning models Behati Prinsloo, Elsa Hosk and Chanel Iman admit to having insecurities about their body--but they all say that feeling confident in your bikini is essential to looking good on the runway--and off of it. So how do they do it? For Chanel, beating insecurities is about "surrounding [herself] with positive, uplifting people," while Elsa says she'll call a friend or boyfriend to "get back on the right track." Behati tries to "block it out. I try to stop thinking that [I'm] not good enough or whatever, because [I'm] never going to get [the job] done if I don't believe in [myself.]"

2. Be natural. Chanel Iman says that scoring a catalogue-worthy bikini beach photo is about being "as natural as possible in front of the camera. Just be confident with who you are. The photographer captures the most amazing images of you when you're not trying, when you're just natural."

3. Pick a healthy diet that works for you. After reading about all the different (sorta-crazy) diet methods the Angels used to get runway-ready for the Victoria's Secret fashion show, it's clear that no diet is one-size-fits-all. "If you have to go on a diet you have to change it to fit your own body and your own health," says Behati, who tried a detox diet before the Victoria's Secret fashion show, but modified it to include "things that you weren't supposed to eat but that I felt my body needed." She says diets are particularly tricky for models because, under normal circumstances, they really shouldn't be dieting or losing weight. "You can't always follow the diet because you lose too much weight and you mess up your whole system," she said.

4. Eat smart. Even though not all of them watch their weight (Chanel Iman says she has to try to gain weight before the show), each of the models stress the importance of eating nutritious good-for-you foods that not only keep you trim, but help your skin tone, and your confidence level. "What you need to focus on is just being healthy," Behati says. "Maybe cut out sugar, because too much sugar is bad for you, cut out sodas and fast food. Try eating mostly grilled meat, vegetables and skip dessert."

5. Exercise. Exercising is key not only for a healthy body but a healthy mind. Behati, who says she swears by Pilates, says "If I don't feel comfortable [about my body] then I try do something about it. I'll go to the gym more and I'll feel better. If I can change something to make myself feel better, I'll do it. But you can't always change everything so you have to accept yourself also." For Elsa, it's all about butt lifts, while Chanel Iman says that she has to lift weights over and over again to bulk up. "I worked out two hours a day for two weeks before the show," she told us. "For me, gaining weight doesn't happen over night. I have to really work at it."

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