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Deciding to do your own wedding makeup can be a huge and quite scary adventure (especially if you are a bit of a novice like myself). Yes wedding makeup can go wrong in epic proportions, but, it can also go exactly as expected, and maybe turn out better than you imagined. All you have to do is pay attention to a few simple rules of the trade and you’,ll be the perfect blushing bride on your big day. Let’,s go over a few quick tips that pretty much ensure your makeup will turn out beautiful! Black beauty makeup tips.

Primer is honestly the most essential component of long lasting beautiful makeup. Primer works on multiple fronts all at once. It effectively fills in your fine lines, wrinkles, and pores while also controlling oiliness and giving your makeup a fabulous base to hold on to. Without primer, your makeup will settle right into those deep pores and fine lines preventing your makeup from looking as smooth and flawless as it could. If you are looking for a great primer, some good brands to try are Smashbox Photo Finish, Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional, or Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Those are just a few of the top contenders but there are many other brands that you can try as well.

If you haven’,t had your foundation professionally matched, do it now. Having the correct shade of foundation will make a world of difference in your makeup. Having a shade too light or too dark will result in an ashy appearance or oompa loompa style tan. Neither of which are desirable on your wedding day. So instead of trying to figure it out on your own in the target aisle, head to the nearest makeup counter to be professionally matched and don’,t be afraid to invest a chunk of change in this aspect of your makeup. Foundation is key ladies.

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If makeup isn’,t your forte’, then going natural with colors and application is going to be the way to go. Don’,t bust out of the gates with an intense smokey eye and one inch long lashes. Instead, opt for a softer look that allows your natural beauty to shine through. Keep this in mind in every aspect of your application from foundation to lashes. Using a more natural approach will help you feel more at ease with your appearance on your big day.

Instead of globbing on your foundation to cover every aspect of your skin use concealer in conjunction with your foundation to even your skin tone and cover blemishes while allowing your natural glow to show through a bit. Accentuate your eyes with shimmery pearlescent tones instead of smokey eye (which could get messy if you get emotional during your ceremony). Top your look off with a soft natural flush of cheek color and natural length lashes.

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Don’,t forget to do a trial run of your makeup to make sure you have a detailed idea of what look you want to try on you wedding day. Wear the makeup all day so you can see how it stands the test of time. DIY’,ing your wedding makeup could be perfect for you, just keep these tips in mind so that you’,ll be radiant on your big day.

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