Wedding makeup beauty tips for brides. Makeup Workshop in AUC Reveals Beauty Tips

A makeup workshop was held on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Beauty tips makeup.

The workshop was hosted by makeup artist Iman Oraby in collaboration with the university’s Student Union (SU). It was the first makeup workshop as well as seminar to be held by the SU.

The workshop, which costs E£200, aimed to teach the attendees makeup application methods and skills. At the beginning of the workshop, attendees received chocolate as well as a voucher for discount off their next makeup appointment. Then, Oraby started discussing and explaining makeup techniques such as highlighting, contouring, strobing and eye-makeup application.

Oraby applied makeup to her model Hana El-Badrawy. The participants followed by drawing with real makeup on a canvas that Oraby provided, as a way for them to practice what they have learned. Also, to make the workshop engaging and interactive, Oraby would call on some attendees to apply makeup on El-Badrawy.

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In addition to being a professional makeup artist Oraby is an Integrated Marketing Communication major at AUC. She stated that she developed her passion for makeup when people used to complement her on her self-applied makeup when she was younger. “I decided to take a makeup course and become a qualified makeup artist and beauty consultant,” said Oraby.

When Oraby was asked if social media affects her work, she said that it is a massive influence to her work and she uses it as her marketing tool.

Also, she mentioned that it provides her with an interactive medium, in which her clients consult with her about products that they should use.

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According to Nada Serour, an undeclared freshman, everything related to makeup, from the brushes to use to the application methods was covered during the seminar.

Another attendee, an architecture major at AUC, Gina El Sagheer said that “I enjoyed the session so much. It helped me with makeup techniques and all my questions were answered."

The workshop was educating and informative. It covered all the makeup techniques and even included a questions session, in which attendees would inquire about any makeup or skincare questions they wanted to ask.

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