Beauty tips for tweens without makeup. Duchess of Cambridge's make-up artist shares beauty tips for summer

by Arabella Preston shares her beauty tips for the summer. Makeup artist Arabella Preston has worked with high profile clients including the Duchess of Cambridge, Stella McCartney and Victoria Pendleton. Speaking to HELLO! Online, she revealed which other celebrities she'd love to work with. Beauty tips makeup.

"I think Kim Kardashian is a naturally beautiful person but I'd love to see a bit more of her," Arabella, who is Pond's Institute Ambassador, admitted. "She's not doing anything wrong, but she's so gorgeous so it would be nice to see her with a lighter base for a fresher look".

"The nice thing about my job is that I get to spend some downtime with these women," she added. "I would love to do Angelina Jolie's makeup. She's such an inspirational person and so beautiful. I can't wait to see her in Maleficent, her make-up in that is on a whole other level."

Describing working with the Duchess of Cambridge as a "huge honour", Arabella revealed that another of her favourite clients was Michael McIntyre. "I didn't get much done!" she joked. "We were laughing so much, he was a lot of fun".

Scroll below for Arabella's top makeup tips for the summer, and her favourite beauty products.

I always put an SPF on separately &ndash, I never rely on an SPF in a foundation as I don&rsquo,t think they give enough coverage. Pond&rsquo,s do a fantastic anti-wrinkle SPF which is really hydrating and nourishing. Keep your skin hydrated and fresh, because with the extra daylight it will look youthful and gorgeous!

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Stick to cream base products

A tinted moisturiser and cream blusher look fresher than powder in the summer. I love the NARS tinted moisturiser because it has the perfect amount of coverage, and is lovely and glowing. For a blusher, I think the Bobbi Brown pot rouge is a great product because you can put it on your cheeks and lips. The downside of cream products is they don&rsquo,t last as long, so always carry something to touch up with you!

In the summer, keep it simple. You essentially want to reduce what&rsquo,s in your makeup bag! Never wear a stick foundation &ndash, your skin will be sweating and you don&rsquo,t want to overload it. I&rsquo,d stick to tinted moisturiser, but if you really want foundation, thin it down. I like to use Pond&rsquo,s Cold Cream because it has a sheer quality to it.

Change the shade of your makeup

I tend to change my colour slightly, because in the summer my skin changes by at least one shade, sometimes even two. I have a foundation for the winter, and one for the summer. Most people tend to use their normal foundation with extra bronzer, but you&rsquo,ll get a much more natural look if you buy the next shade up.

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A gel eyeliner is great for a poolside beauty look

Once a gel eyeliner is on and dry, it doesn&rsquo,t budge, which is great if you need something waterproof. Bobbi Brown have done a pencil version of their gel eyeliner for people who find their pots too fiddly. It creates a look that&rsquo,s less intense. My favourite shade is &lsquo,Scotch&rsquo,, a soft brown with a bit of shimmer. I work it into the roots of the lashes and then blend it in with my fingers to get a soft, defined eye.

I don&rsquo,t think it matters whether it&rsquo,s designer or from the high street, any waterproof mascara does the job. Maxfactor and Bourjois do really great mascaras. One of my favourites at the moment however is Estee Lauder&rsquo,s Sumptious Infinite. It&rsquo,s one of my favourites, I always steal it from my pro-kit!

I think all you need is a bare face and sunglasses. Sometimes a pop of colour on the lips is nice, but I&rsquo,d suggest using a matte lipstick &ndash, it lasts a bit longer and I think it looks a bit more natural!

Arabella is the Pond's Institute ambassador

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