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Make up artist Kate Manihera shared her tips for a shine free face Beauty and makeup tips.

Auckland-based beauty vlogger said applying a primer was key

Also said putting powder on before foundation can help achieve matte look

Suggested a simple trick with toilet roll can be used if you don't have a compact

Published: 01:10 BST, 10 February 2017 | Updated: 01:10 BST, 10 February 2017

Many of us have been there.

There's a special occasion coming up, but your make up is well and truly at the mercy of the weather.

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As temperatures soar it's a sad fact that often this means foundation slides off and eye make up smudges.

But now, Auckland-based make up artist and beauty vlogger Kate Manihera has shared some top tips for keeping your face looking fresh as the mercury rises.

'My main piece of advice would be to prime the skin with a matte primer,' Ms Manihera told Primped.

'Primers work wonders for making your makeup last longer, and there are specific ones that work to keep the base looking matte and flawless.'

In particular, the make up artist said she uses Benefit's Porefessional range to mattify her skin.

'Honestly obsessed with these few items, the first two have been my go to base for almost a year now and I just got around to trying the "Pore Minimising Makeup" and "Agent Zero Shine",' the beauty expert wrote on her Facebook page.

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'Love the pore minimising makeup... for "no makeup" days where I want to even out my skin ton a little and fill in my pores.

'Super light and natural coverage and then the anti shine now sits in my handbag on nights out! The perfect quick fix to any sudden oiliness brought on during the day.'

But whilst prepping your skin the right way is key, Ms Manihera said applying powder the right way, if your skin is oily, is important when trying to fight shine.

'I apply a loose powder over my problem areas BEFORE foundation – this has helped me achieve a matte look all day and leaves my skin looking incredible for hours!' she told Primped.

Finally, the beauty vlogger, who shares her looks on her Instagram page, said that being prepared for any mishaps throughout the day with the right kind of compact was advisable.

'I personally love L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Powder Foundation, because it comes with a sponge and a mirror and gives a nice level of coverage without looking too heavy or obviously powdery,' the make up artist told Primped.

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But the blogger did have a clever trick for those out and about without a powder compact.

She said peeling a piece of toilet roll to just one ply and pressing it to your problem areas will act as blotting paper - leaving your face shine free.

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