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10 Simple But Life-Changing Hair And Makeup Tips You’,ve Never Thought Of

Whether you’,re the kind of girl who does a full face of makeup every single day or only once in a while, you probably have a beauty routine that you stick to pretty rigidly. When you’,re getting ready to go to school, work, or wherever, it’,s easier to do what you know quickly than to try to change things up and experiment. Personally, I do the same thing almost every morning –, neutral eye shadow from the same palette, my favorite mascara, primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, finishing powder, brows. Beauty and makeup tips.

And then, every once in a while, I get bored. Or I start to realize that something I’,m doing isn’,t actually working, or that one particular thing is a little more time-consuming than I’,d like it to be. I’,m sure I’,m not alone there. If you ever feel stuck when it comes to beauty, you should turn to the Internet –, there are tons of tips out there other girls swear by that could change everything. Here are some examples! These 10 beauty tricks from an Ask Reddit thread are simple but life-changing –, and you won’,t believe you’,ve never thought of them before. Check it out:

Stop Brushing Your Curls

aracida: If you have thick/curly hair, DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR. my hair was so damaged and frizzy in high school and late teen years until I realized that you're not supposed to brush curly hair.. To ladies with similar hair-just brush it in the shower, apply some frizz-control mousse, and just leave it alone.

Yassss. I don't have super curly hair, but I do have naturally wavy hair. About a year ago, I stopped brushing it (aside from when I get out of the shower) and it changed everything. My hair is a lot healthier and I'm really able to show off my natural waves because I'm not brushing them out.

Switch Up Your Colors

flyingcatpotato: I have pale skin, green eyes and blonde lashes. Switching to brown mascara and using a stiff brush with a darkish brown shadow as eyeliner looks a lot less harsh against my whole face situation.

Black mascara is super popular and definitely the default shade - but this doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Brown mascara is great for people with lighter skin tones! Similarly, brown eye liner gives off a softer, more neutral look - and it's easy to forget about that option when black liner is so popular.

Blow Dry Upside Down

Redhaired103: This is my favorite because it's so easy: To give more volume to your hair, turn your hair upside down when you're blow-drying it.

This is also one of my favorite tips. Whenever I'm looking for an extra boost, I flip my head upside down and blast the roots for the last minute or two minutes that I'm drying it. This gives me a ton of volume. It looks crazy when you first lift your head up, but I promise it settles down very quickly and then just looks like gorgeous volume.

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Pay Attention To Your Skin Tone/Ethnicity

t-rex-onaskateboard: This may sound stupid, but I had to learn that I'm not a white girl. The hairstyles and products that work on my white friends don't always work on me. My hair is way thicker and a bit coarser. It made such a difference when I laid off the volumizing/texturizing products, and instead grew it out and started oiling it. I laid off the brow pencil when I finally realized that, hello, hairy middle easterner, I really don't need that stuff. I used to think there was something wrong with me, because none of my white friends had extreme dark circles like mine, and it was my fault that regular concealer didn't cover it well. But, no, that's just something more common in women of my ethnicity, and I just need to pay a bit more special attention to that when I apply make-up.

It's easy to forget that what works well for one person might work terribly for you. When your friend of a different ethnicity is raving over something, and you try it and it sucks, that doesn't mean you did something wrong - it could just mean you need to do different things. There's nothing wrong with that!

When In Doubt, Fill In Your Brows

cleanout: I only recently realized that filling in my brows is a total game changer. I could almost skip every other beauty thing I do if my brows are looking good (and lashes, too).

I love this tip. I only started filling in my eye brows about a year ago, because I've always had thick brows and didn't think I needed to touch them. But filling them in really makes a big difference. When I'm doing a shorter version of my beauty routine, it has to include brows and mascara.

Get Matching Wings By Starting On Your Bad Side

xcarex: If you're not great at winged eyeliner, do the side you suck at first and then match it on your good side so at least they match.

This is an easy trick that we probably either don't think of or choose not to do. But it makes sense! It's like when I started doing manicures by working with my left hand first instead of my right - I had never thought of it before, and felt so stupid!

Wet Your Beauty Sponge Before Using

[deleted]: Having a damp beauty sponge to apply foundation with. It just made everything better and the sponge soaked up less wasted product.

Beauty Blenders (or any makeup sponge) work much better when damp. I put mine under water, then ring it out so it's not soaking wet. It gives you a super smooth, flawless application.

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Get Curls With A Bun

msstark: My hair usually looks like crap the day after I wash it. So now I do this: I wash my hair right before bed, blow-dry it, and wear it in a bun the next day. After a whole day all twisted up in a bun, I can wear it down for 2 days and it looks amazingly shiny and wavy.

A lot of people swear by putting wet hair in a bun and sleeping in it to get curls in the morning, but my hair gets weird when I do that. Instead, I dry it, then put it in a loose bun. This gives softer, more natural waves.

Cleanse Hair Weekly

AnnaTrocity: Every few weeks I rinse my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. It gets all the gunky buildup out from conditioner/product and just kind of resets everything. My hair feels way healthier.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water, and wash your hair with it. It truly is a miracle worker. It leaves your hair incredibly soft and shiny and gets rid of all buildup.

Exfoliate With A Toothbrush

earthsalibra: Brush your lips with your toothbrush to exfoliate them.

Dry, chapped lips are common in the winter, and they basically suck. If you have no time in the morning, just quickly exfoliate with a dry toothbrush.

Which one of these beauty tips have you tried? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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