Makeup and beauty tips and tricks. Makeup Trends 2017: Gorgeous Beauty Trends, Tips, and Tricks You Can Try This Year! Makeup and beauty tips and tricks.

Makeup Trends 2017: Gorgeous Beauty Trends, Tips, and Tricks You Can Try This Year! Agein Editorial Agein 2017-01-24T09:30:00Z 2017-01-24 09:46:05 Makeup trends are ever-changing. With spring fast approaching, why not try these new makeup beauty trends, tips, and tricks for 2017. Beauty Tips,Celebrity Style,Make-up,Makeup Ideas

Makeup can be as bold or as subtle as you wish. No matter how it’s applied, makeup has the power to completely transform the visage of an individual altogether. Though makeup only has a visual impact, sometimes the outcome can be so dramatic that it leaves us spellbound!

2016 saw a lot of new makeup trends. Beauty trends like the glitter smoky eye, rainbow highlighters, and contouring were seen on the ramp and flaunted by Hollywood biggies at major shows, events, and ceremonies. These popular trends are still fashionable and stylish, however, more are expected to be added to the makeup trends 2017 list very soon.

Trendy makeup is often done by designers, models, and actresses. It’s crucial to know why and how they can make or break a trend in an instant. Check out some of these best beauty tips we compiled for you to try in 2017.

Hottest New Year Makeup Trends

Glittery Lips

It was makeup artist Pat McGrath who introduced this magnificent and glamorous beauty trend to the industry in 2016, and it’s popularity has carried over to 2017 as well. The glitter-dusted lip trend created waves when it was first launched, and the there was no looking back from there. The look works wonders for just about any occasion—a formal dinner date, a night out with your friends, corporate office parties, or a mid-afternoon shopping spree. Although the initial trend was matching glitter and lipstick, this year, the trend is omber shades, mismatched or pastel colors, bold and contrasting hues, and the use of gloss to keep the glitter intact.


Cat eyes are passé. The underliner is a stroke of bold glitter, another shade under the lash line, or even an upside-down cat eye for added drama. Opt for minimal makeup and non-colored contact lenses while sporting this trend.

Blurred Pout

This fabulous New Year trend requires no hand-eye co-ordination—literally. The blurred lip makes for a stunning outcome, without any effort. Use extra lip color in the center of your lips while you lightly mess around the corners using your fingertips or a smudge brush.

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Glossy Skin

Along with glossy lids and lips, glossy skin is the brand new makeup trend of the year. Clear face glosses are non-sticky and glide easily on your skin for a minimalistic and elegant look. It can be used on the cheeks and collarbones, and works well for a day or night look.

Dark Eyebrows

For those with scanty brows, 2017 brings in a unique technique known as microblading. This technique involves the use of a small hand-held tool with micro needles that deposits pigments underneath the skin’s first layer. The treatment costs between $700 and $1,200, resulting in denser and fuller brows for almost three years. This anti-aging beauty makeup trend is also suitable for older women.

Glitter Strobing

First revealed by one of the top makeup stylists, this takes highlighting and glitter makeup to a whole new level. A strobing cream, some highlighter, and a few strokes of glitter is used to create a stunning outcome. You can apply blush and glitter across your check bones, temples, and eyelids. The stroke looks like a shining inverted “V” that starts from your eyelid to temple, and down to your cheekbone.

Colored Mascara

Say no to boring black and yes to a deep brown or even a burgundy shade of mascara for your lashes. The shade makes your eyes look more lively and bright and is best worn during the day as the color tends to reflect well in the sunlight.

Trendy Metallic Shades

Fun shades in metallic colors works brilliantly well for your eyes, lips, and bronzers. This year, move away from traditional metallic gold, and choose from other bright shades to sweep across your lips, eyes, and cheekbones.

Blue Makeup for Eyes

A natural stunner, blue in every shade works wonders for your eyes. Opt for a classic blue-and-black eye look by drawing a stroke of dull blue along your lower lash line and black for the top. Shades of blue like teal, aqua, or ink blue can also be used for alternating outfits. Use a smudge brush to create the perfect blue smoky-eye look.

Makeup-Free Skin

Contouring was popular in 2016, however, 2017 is all about going natural. There is nothing more beautiful than going makeup-free and allowing your skin to breathe. Healthy and radiant skin looks best when it is clean and moisturized. You can simply dab on some loose powder, use a kohl liner, apply a bit of light lip balm, and you are done. The look works for both morning and evenings, however, a good sun screen is essential if you plan on going makeup-free.

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Monochromatic Makeup

This technique allows you to use a single color in the same shade for your entire face. The look is easy to create and you don’t have to worry about shading and highlighting. The monochromatic look can be put together using any color, however, it is essential to choose the shade with caution.

Pretty in Neutral

If going completely makeup-free is not your thing, then opt for light, almost-neutral shades of pink and peach. Pink adds a fresh look on any skin color and looks vibrant, chic, and fun. Try it on your cheekbones, lips, and lids for a supple-looking effect. Similarly, feel free to experiment with other soft shades like blush, pearl, and baby pink for added effect.

Fun with Blush

Use the biggest makeup brush you have and add dramatic sweeps of your favorite blush. These can be used in excess on clear skin, paired with a nude pout, and simple, kohl-lined eyes.

A Sudden Pop of Color

Be it forest green, bright pink, or a sunny yellow, add a dab, dash, or stroke of a vibrant shade to your makeup. This can be used on your eye lids, lips, jaw line, or anywhere on your face. The look is fresh and fun, and just right to set the tone for a vibrant New Year!

Two-Toned Lips

Use contrasting or opposite shades to color your upper and lower lips. This lip statement is bound to make heads turn in a crowd. Experiment with blues, greens, and tangerines.

Trends come and go. However, the desire for clear and glowing skin will always be vogue. So, it is important that with the application of all these colors, you take care of your skin. Stay hydrated. Also, be sure to remove all traces of makeup, and cleanse and moisturize your face before going to bed everyday.

Be sure to try out these makeup tips for that glamorous and in-trend look. These trends may change once spring is over, as the seasons influence our preferences when it comes to clothes and the colors we wear—and makeup is no exception. Watch this space for more upcoming trends with the changing seasons.

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