Beauty tips and makeup tricks. Makeup Secrets to Bring Out Your Inner Beauty Queen, ETC

A lot of time and money are invested in beauty pageants and with Miss Universe Competition well underway, no doubt you&rsquo,re feeling inspired by the beauty and talent of the delegates representing their countries from around the world. You too can unleash your inner beauty queen by remembering these makeup secrets: Beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

For makeup to work, your skin should always be in top condition. Start developing your own personal skin care regimen and stick to it. A good skin care ritual involves deep cleansing, regular exfoliating, toning, hydrating, and most importantly, moisturizing. If you&rsquo,ve got skin problems, a trip to the dermatologist is always worth it.

Eyebrow makeup lines these days are nothing short of revolutionary. Some experts suggest using eyebrow mascara instead of pencils and powder for a fuller look. Sparse brows? No problem. Apply nourishing balm before you go to bed and you can get fuller brows in two weeks. But of course, you must learn to groom your brows and to always maintain their natural shape. Tweezers and brow scissors should do the trick.

Certified beauty queens have shared that putting a couple of spoons in the freezer and putting them underneath your eyes for a few minutes can get rid of puffy eyes in a jiffy. Refrigerated cucumber slices work, too! To get rid of dark circles, invest in a good concealer, or better yet, a rejuvenating eye cream.

Beauty and makeup tips and advice

Eyeshadows, if done right, can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Basically, the darkest shades should be applied to the outmost part of your eye, while the lightest shade should be applied nearest to your inner eye and used to highlight the bottom of your brow. Always blend your eye shadows! It&rsquo,s fun and easy once you get the hang of it. The secret is to find shades that work best for your desired everyday look.

If you love makeup, you know that blending is a definite must. Layering is also an important hack that will help keep makeup on for much longer. Makeup artists suggest layering powder highlighter over a cream version and then blend upward and outward from the apple of your cheeks.

You can also layer when applying blush. Apply peach and orange shades to the highest point of the cheekbone and blend with a pink shade to the apples of your cheeks. Complete the look with a bronze shade to your forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, and neck.

Beauty makeup ideas tips and tricks

One makeup trick you should try is using flesh-toned lip liner (or even eyeliner) to outline your lips for a fuller look. Makeup artists to beauty queens also sometimes apply a darker shade to the center of the lip for added dimension. Of course, don&rsquo,t ever neglect proper lipcare. Make sure lips are moisturized for easier lipstick application.

Now you&rsquo,re ready to strut your stuff in your everyday runway. To feel more inspired, tune in to ETC for our special coverage of Miss Universe Competition. #MsUonETC #MissUniverse

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