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Beauty Obsessed: Summer makeup tips and tricks

As the year comes to an end and we begin to say goodbye, I will be sharing some small tips and giving advice all about makeup for summer. Often during hot weather heavy makeup is not the best way to go. Try to keep your makeup to a minimum. Beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

Staying with the same moisturizer and primer as usual is best because the buildup of sweat plus a new product on your skin can cause breakouts. As for foundation, I recommend using a BB cream, my favorite is the Garnier skin renew miracle skin perfecter. This product still gives full coverage but is light and does not appear cake like.

Over the summer I tend to keep my makeup routine very simple. When I feel like contouring I bronze my skin with the Bahama mama bronzer instead or I use cream products. Cream products are less likely to cake up when you sweat.

For my brows routine, nothing changes, to make sure my eyebrows really stay in place I use the NYX Proof it! eyebrow primer. Eyeshadow will never really sweat off as long as you prime your eyelids. Eyeshadow primer comes in many different ways like shimmer, glitter primer and matte.

Beauty tips and tricks for makeup

I love the Benefit air patrol primer for summer. This primer has a bb cream in it with sunscreen to protect your eyelids from the sun.

Make sure to always wear sunscreen under the foundation or BB cream and to moisturize your skin. If you are uncomfortable wearing a foundation over the summer a tinted moisturizer works just as well.

One of the best summer makeup tips I have been given was to use multitasking makeup. For example a lip tint that can work as a blush or a highlight that can be used for an eyeshadow.

Beauty and makeup tips for monsoon

I hope that this small tips and tricks has given you a head start on your summer makeup routine! For any questions or video requests, comment or email mysel f.

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