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As college girls, we&apos,re always looking for tips and tricks that are affordable and time-saving. Between classes, extra curricular activities and our social lives, it&apos,s hard to find the time to always primp and prep ourselves to look fabulous, and things can fall out of place from time to time, especially during a day that seems to last forever. Beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

But with these quick and easy beauty secrets, you&apos,re guaranteed to look beautiful and flawless all the time! Read on for all the info.

1) Bronzer and baby powder are a great way to disguise oily hair.

This trick is one of my favorites, since I am unfortunately one of those girls who loves to play with her hair, and therefore, add more oil to it than it would have on its own. If you&apos,re a brunette, carry around a bronzer compact. If you&apos,re a blonde, carry around a mini baby powder. They&apos,ll temporarily hide your not-so-freshly-washed locks! (You might also want to try one of our favorite dry shampoos.)

From using it as a chapstick, to applying a sparing amount to dry skin, to using it as an eye makeup remover, Vaseline can do it all. (Once my mom and I asked a middle-aged woman how her skin was so smooth and glowy, and she responded by saying she&apos,s been putting Vaseline on it every night since she was 13! But make sure your skin can handle it if you dare to try! Vaseline is very thick, and can cause your skin to clog and pimples to form!)

3) Visine can help clear up your eyes... and your blemishes!

Red eyes after a long night studying? Visine&apos,s always great to have on hand... And as a bonus, applying a small amount to blemishes will reduce redness almost instantly! Talk about double duty.

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4) Flyaways can be tamed by most moisturizers!

If you have any stray flyaway hairs, take a small, dime-sized amount of moisturizer, rub between your hands, and run over those stray pieces of hair! The weight of the moisturizer will hold them down, while giving your hands a quick dose of moisture!

5) Nails stained from dark polishes? Stick your fingertips in lemon halves!

Sticking your nails in lemon halves for five minutes will help brighten nails instantly. This is a trick that is used on models, since they often have to continuously get their nails done, often with dark, staining polishes.

6) Forget buying cream eyeshadow... Make your own!

By using a wet brush instead of a dry one on powdered eye shadow, you instantly create a creamier, brighter shadow to apply to your lids. This trick is so simple, yet so effective!

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7) Put your perfume or fragrance on your wrists when you&apos,ll be meeting people and shaking hands.

By putting fragrance on your wrists as well as behind your ears, it ensures that the recipient of your handshake or the lucky person who&apos,s kissing your cheek will smell your delicious scent!

8) Run a fabric-softener sheet along your hair to get rid of the smell of a night out.

Whether you smell like a frat party, a smoky room, or a bar, this trick will get you smelling less like a night out and more like you&apos,re ready to face a new day!

This dramatic part will make you the envy of every girl, and requires nothing more than a comb and a little bit of hairspray! Celebrities like Megan Fox love this easy look! Also consider trying new accessories, such as clips, bobby pins, and headbands, as well as styling your hair into buns and ponytails! Your haircut should never leave you feeling stuck with just one look!

No matter how many beauty tips and tricks you read in your lifetime, the most important is this: it&apos,s important to drink as much water as possible each and every day. It keeps your skin looking healthy, will make you feel healthy and hydrated, and your skin and hair feeling supple! It truly is a girl&apos,s best friend.

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What do you think?

Have you tried any of these beauty tips and tricks? Did you learn something new that you&apos,re going to try? What is your favorite beauty secret? Let us know in a comment!

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