Indian makeup and beauty blog reviews. 5 Makeup Products We Usually Don t Buy but Should

Today I am here to talk about makeup products that most women do not buy but they should to get the best from each makeup look. So without wasting anymore time, let’s hop on to the article. Makeup & beauty blog.


Generally, we Indian girls think that we should use either of one –, a bronzer or a blush, and most of us usually opt for rosy blushes. However, the truth is that we should be using both to look our best and enhance our overall look. Bronzers are usually applied on the spots where the sun naturally shines, that is the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose area. Also, bronzer can be your ultimate saviour during winters. They enhance your skin tone and prevent your overall look from looking flat, dull and lifeless by adding just an apt amount of glow and warmth. However, do not go overboard with bronzers during summers and totally stay away from bronzers that have big chunky shimmer particles. Also, use your bronzer as a stain for a more natural glow , otherwise, your complexion may end up looking muddy and dirty.


Mostly we think that if we are using a foundation, our job for a good and long-lasting makeup base is done. But, the reality is that it is not true and there are certain spots and blemishes which require some heavy duty concealing and extra work. A concealer is a magic product as it conceals away all the marks, redness, dark circles, scars and any problematic areas of our face. A concealer is also used to highlight the best facial features, hence it is a must-have.

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Eyebrow products

Your eyebrow is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to daily makeup and beauty routine. Also, it is one of the most important features on our face that people notice subconsciously beside our teeth when they first meet us. Eyebrows frame the face and decide how our overall look will turn out. Still, most of us often do not get our brows done in time and keep them unruly and un-done. Along with timely threading and waxing, invest in some brow products like a brow gel, a brow kit or pencil. This way, you can fill in any sparse area and your brows will always be on fleek.


Makeup primer is a product which creates a smooth and even base for the rest of our base products and allows our foundation and concealer to go on smoother and last longer. Apart from this, primers also smooth out any minor wrinkles and blemishes. It is best to apply a primer with fingertips on bigger areas and with a lip or concealer brush on smaller areas. Using a primer under makeup also makes all your makeup last way longer and it stays fresher for a longer period of time. Even if you do not apply foundation every day, apply a primer to diffuse wrinkles and get a fresher, natural look.

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Color correctors

Using colour correctors might sound absolutely crazy to starters and those who are not aware of the benefits. But, the science behind it makes a lot of sense. For the uninitiated, complementary colours, i.e. colors which are opposite to each other in the colour spectrum, cancel each other out when used together. For example, if you have red and sensitive skin, using a pale green corrector over it will cancel out the redness. Similarly, using an orange or peach corrector around the corners of your mouth and on the under-eye dark circles will cancel the darkness out, leaving you with a perfect and even complexion.

That is all for today, girlies. Hope you all found this useful in some way or other.

Makeup beauty blog reviews

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