Makeup and beauty blog youtube. 5 Indian Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow Pronto, AASHNI + CO

Beauty is a subjective thing and we’re strong believers that blogging on the subject should bring diverse and multiple perspectives. So we decided to round up 5 Indian beauty bloggers who’re starting the right conversations about beauty! Whether it’s tips for Asian skin tones, looks for traditional events, India-inspired beauty hacks or bringing back our grandmommas’ home remedies, these online stars are giving us desi belles our due. Bookmark them pronto — we already have! Makeup and beauty blog.

Mutyala’s blog is a great go-to for video tutorials on basic looks and handy tips for beginners. For instance, check out her tutorial on liquid liner for beginners that breaks it down super easy! Or her tutorial hack on red lipstick to conceal under-eye circles. Hers is not the place for neatly boxed product reviews but a treasure trove of tutorials and innovations.

With its neat, user-friendly sections that make navigation quick and easy, this blog covers lipstick and nail colour swatches for an Indian audience, brand product reviews, makeup tutorials including Indian celebrity-inspired looks and a handy DIY section for skincare. Corallista also breaks it up for you by budget.

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Gia Says That by Gia Kashyap is a beauty blog that caters to generic beauty tips from in-flight makeup to tips for keeping your lipstick long-lasting. Gia also reviews favourite products and recommends quality makeup essentials. Follow her for India-inspired makeup looks.

Sherry brings a whole lot of energy and humour to her beauty vlogs that serve up DIY hacks. Her video blog/YouTube channel is the place to be for fun with beauty, and learning on topics ranging from dark circles and how to remove a tan to basic skincare routines.

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If you’re the desi belle with a love for all things traditional and natural, Ishika’s The Beauty Reel will prove a treasure trove you won’t stop digging! Here’s where you’ll find her grandmom’s recipes for skincare and beauty regimes.

Whos’, your favourite beauty blogger? Tell us in the comment box below!

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