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Welcome to my first Straight Talk beauty blog post! Beauty blog makeup.

Let’,s jump right in and get started with this weeks findings…,

This weeks subjects are picking the right foundation and applying foundation with brushes or a beauty blender? And some affordable yet unbelievably good brushes and tutorials for you to watch. Go grab a cuppa, sit back and lets talk makeup…,

Picking the right foundation.

I’,m asked every week about how I’,ve managed to select the right foundation on a client because it does make the foundation look more natural and well blended. And guess what, it makes you look younger too. Have you ever had a foundation that looks ashy on you? That you tested on your hand and not your jawline? Well here’,s what to do so you don’,t flush anymore money away on a bad match foundation. Go to a well lit beauty counter such as Debenhams where you will see brightly and very clearly how well the foundation truly matched your neck. The sales advisor should always ask you (or tell you in my opinion) whether you have pinky toned skin or yellow toned skin and prove to you by showing you properly. Don’,t stand at a beauty counter confused about what colour you are when someone can help you. Yes, I know some of them may get it wrong but its ok, here’,s some tips to avoid picking the wrong one. I always thought I was pinky toned until I got a job at MAC (which I am no longer in) and couldn’,t believe the amazing difference in my makeup once I was told…,eh your not a pinky tone you are 100% yellow. Damn was she right! I still to this day hang my head in shame that I wore such a bad match foundation. Even though the match I was given was spot on I see so many people walking away with wrong matches. My advice to you, do not feel pressured to buy and don’,t wait until you’,ve completely ran out of foundation so you buy whatever one they give you. Let them put a good amount of 2 choices pink and yellow from your cheek to your jawline and see for yourself. ASK FOR SAMPLES! I was given a sample at a counter in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. I tried it on the next day and what did I look like? I looked like I’,d been splatted in the face with pink ashy paint! I couldn’,t believe how wrong the advisor matched me for a £48 foundation. If I bought it I would have taken it back but thats more hassle so get your sample, try it for yourself and take as many samples as you can get.

Foundation brushes.

Not that there’,s anything wrong with applying foundation with your fingers but not once have I seen anyone really take their time to blend it in so they don’,t have streaks all over their face and its not the most hygienic option unless you religiously wash your hands every single time. Brushes are faster, quicker, stain free and do the blending for you. Why use your fingers then have to go to the bathroom to wash your hands so you don’,t get it all over your clothes, to then go back and finish the job? Its exhausting just thinking about it.

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Now we are in the beautiful, gifted world of the beauty blender.

Never has makeup looked so flawless and glowing until this bad boy came along and now comes in all shapes and sizes. Me, I prefer the original. Real Techniques ‘,beauty sponge’, as they call it is the most affordable and does the job perfectly. A beauty blender should be dampened before use or it defeats the purpose, which is to soak up excess foundation and hydrate your skin so you get a flawless complexion every time. Not cake face. The only thing I don’,t love about this product is that it does have a tendency to steal some of your foundation. This is usually because it is too wet which is my fault. Even so, it really does change your foundation game so before you go in with it, ring all the water out of it and squeeze it on a cloth, dab your blender into the foundation on your hand first and it seams to stop it from happening, for me at least because your beauty blender isn’,t bare of product before you start. I use this technique on clients and it never gives me any problems. Apply your foundation to your hand, dab some all over your face and get patting girl! Be patient and simply pat it up and down all over your face and its just magnificent for under eye concealer. You can get your beauty blender from Superdrug or Boots or quick and easy to your door from Amazon here where it’,s on sale for just over £4. Don’,t tell me you don’,t have time to apply foundation properly…,

The brush I’,m about to talk about next will leave you with no excuse…,

If your not a beauty blender kind of girl, then here’,s your new foundation brush which you can actually use to apply your foundation with then go over with a beauty blender.

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You Tube sensation Jaclyn Hill introduced me to this brush and I have never looked back. It’,s synthetic so your not losing any foundation and its thicker, rounded, dense shape makes it a quick and easy job. And the best thing about it? It doesn’,t cost a fortune. It’,s affordable. You do not need to spend £45 on a foundation brush, are you kidding? It’,s the name your paying for these days more than the brush. Even though theres almost too much to choose from at least we have more options now than we ever have before in makeup so theres no excuse for not having a cracking brush to whip out every morning. Click here to see Jaclyn talk about it, skip to 5 minutes 10 seconds, along with many other affordable brushes. If you want to see it in full action click here and skip to 3 minutes 48 seconds. If you want to buy this big beauty for yourself here is the link to UK based website Beauty Bay. And guess what, its on sale! From £17.95 (I think) to £12.50. If you give it a try, tag me in any posts on social media and give me your Straight Talk feedback.

I’,m going to be trying out some skincare next because its just as, if not more important than makeup. Yes, I just said that. And I’,m on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick that doesn’,t smear all over our face when we go out and lasts as long as possible. And, nail varnish that doesn’,t chip for more than 24 hours, does such a thing exist?? I’,ll also be giving some samples to readers to get their straight talk about products so everyones opinion matters.

Don’,t forget to put on a little makeup, make yourself feel good if your having a bad day. Or just a normal day! Let another woman know if her makeup is looking good, it feels good when we are more complimentary to one another. But if you see a bad foundation match, look the other way and pray she finds her true match soon!

Talk to me on social media and give me your straight talk feedback. If you found this blog useful or just a good read, feel free to share it. And if you try any of the products mentioned, tag me and we will share our thoughts on these products together or! just comment below and lets chat. See you soon.

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