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Would you like to work in a job where you make people feel good about themselves? Beauty and makeup.

Are you obsessed with all the latest celebrity beauty?

Do you want to work in a fast paced environment that isn’t your regular 9 – 5?

If you are ticking yes to all these boxes then perhaps a career as a beauty therapist could be for you?

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Portobello Institute's Beauty Specialist diploma course will bring you up to speed with the complete beauty services offered in salons to get your career started in this exciting and rewarding industry.

Starting out with your beauty training you will learn the fundamentals of skin and eye treatments, working towards full facial techniques and how best to work with various skin types, advising clients on following a good skin care routine. Learning all the tricks of the trade you will get to grips with how the industry works from a business perspective including professional conduct and customer service.

Perfecting a polished manicure or pedicure is a must for beauty therapists. Whether it’s a classic French polish, a fun fashion colour or fab nail tips with some added bling, nails are trending and mastering nail technician skills is just the start to creating gorgeous fashion manicures.

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If you are looking to branch out into makeup to add to your skills then you will cover the popular Itec Facial Makeup certificate as part of this course. Again, learning about different face shapes and skin tones you will hone your skills in creating natural day looks and then move on to occasional and evening looks for a more advanced and striking makeup looks.

So now you are a fully qualified beautician working in your dream job in a beauty salon or spa, or perhaps you have that fighting entrepreneurial spirit and you have set up your own business, but the learning doesn’t have to stop there, we have a number of trend led workshops that can top up your skills.

Want to perfect a Kim Kardashian brow for your client, then a workshop in Precision Brows will get teach you how to get the perfect definition and arch to shape their face. Add Threading to keep the brow in check. If your client wants a relaxing massage why not introduce them to Hot Stone Massage which boasts tension release and improved circulation as just some of the many benefits. See our website for a full list of workshops available.

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