Makeup n Which Drugstore Makeup Products are Cruelty Free?

In search of the best cruelty free drugstore makeup and beauty products not tested on animals, what better place to look than the aisles of the drugstore where some of our most beloved and go-to products await. When a drugstore giant takes a stance in producing cruelty free product, it’,s a pretty big deal. We were curious to see which of our favorite brand giants actually supported no testing on animals. The results may surprise you. Makeup n beauty.

Drugstore Brands That DO Test on Animals:

Boooooooo! Don’,t buy these brands.

Cover Girl –, From lash blast to lip shine, CG’s NatureLuxe and intense blasters are sadly tested on animals.

L’Oreal – There are other cosmetic brands out there that offer a similar true match philosophy, so we don’t need you. L’Oreal does test on animals.

Maybelline – Turns out the “Great Lash” is not that great. Maybelline does test on animals.

Makeupandbeauty treasure

Neutrogena – We are disappointed that the #1 skin clearing brand takes a yay on the topic. Neutrogena does test on animals.

Revlon –, Revlon does 3rd party testing on animals (selling in China) –, Editor’,s Note: 2/2014 –, they have pulled out of China for financial reasons –, waiting for confirmation that they are free of animal testing

Almay –, Almay is owned by Revlon and does 3rd party testing (selling in China) Editor’,s Note: 2/2014 –, they have pulled out of China for financial reasons –, waiting for confirmation that they are free of animal testing

Drugstore Brands That DO NOT Test on Animals:

Woot! Bunny-approved brands!


Burt’s Bee’,s(UPDATE: It has come to my attention that Burt’,s Bees is now selling in China. They say they are not testing, but there doesn’,t seem to be a way to avoid post-market testing –, even if they were able to avoid a first-round of testing. I have removed them from my cruelty free list) You guessed it already! This earth-friendly skincare line totally supports no testing on animals. Power to the bees…. Err the non-stinging ones at least.

Physicians Formula – It seems like a no brainer that the skin sensitive cosmetic brand would be an advocate of not testing on our furry friends.

Wet ‘n Wild – My makeup must when I was a teen, Wet ‘n Wild makes a great product if you are looking to stretch your buck and feel good about yourself, since Wet ‘,n Wild does not test on animals!

Milani is cruelty free and has shades for every skin tone!

Nuance by Salma Hayek (at CVS) has a large line of color cosmetics, skincare and nail polish –, all cruelty free!

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Also check out: ELF, NYX, Pacifica, PurMinerals, Napoleon Perdis, Flower Cosmetics, Kiss My Face

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