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During an award show in which small movies nabbed the biggest prizes, it’s fitting that small beauty brands grabbed the spotlight, too. Beauty brands makeup.

Andrea Tiller worked with Glossier to prep Amy Schumer for the Golden Globes, marking the first time the indie beauty darling’s products were used by a celebrity makeup artist at the event in an official capacity. “We’ve always had strong relationships with makeup artists and since this came up with Andrea, we figured it would be an interesting opportunity to highlight [that] in a larger way,” said a Glossier spokesperson.

Priming Moisturizer, Soothing Face Mist, Rose Balm Dotcom, Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, Haloscope and Generation G sheer matte lipstick were among the Glossier items Tiller applied to Schumer’s face. “I chose to do my all-time favorite sun-kissed look on Amy. I focused on glowy skin, strong brows, subtle smoky bronzy honey tone eyes and a beautiful nude luscious lip,” said Tiller, who also slathered Sisley products on the comedian.

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Another emerging beauty brand making a splash this movie-award season is Vernon Francois, which is the brainchild of the hairstylist handling Ruth Negga’s locks. Francois gave the “Loving” star a shiny Fifties-inspired style for the Golden Globes using his brand’s Re-Vamp Moisture Spray and Co-Wash.

Additional beauty up-and-comers hitting the Golden Globes circuit were Virtue Labs, a hair-care brand Adir Abergel relied on for Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel ’s hairdos, Smith &, Cult, the Luxury Brand Partners cosmetics brand wielded by Ashlee Glazer for Georgina Chapman’s makeup and Fiona Stiles Beauty, the line from makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Stiles was charged with creating Lily Collins’ Golden Globes look.

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