K beauty makeup. Women Are Asking Men If They Know What A Beautyblender Is, And The Guys Are Totally F*cking Lost : theBERRY

One new Twitter trend is confirming an age-old suspicion: that (most) men are woefully ignorant when it comes to beauty products and accessories. What is beauty makeup.

The whole thing was prompted when beauty vlogger Selena Faye implored her followers to send a photo of a Beautyblender makeup sponge to their boyfriend or guy friend, asking the guys to identify the egg-shaped object. Naturally, she asked for the conversation screenshots, to heighten the potential hilarity.

The responses were, in my honest opinion, impeccable. Never before has the cultural divide between cis men and women been so accurately detailed.

D'va beauty makeup brushes

Some guys went with the obvious “,Um, it’,s a pink egg”, option.

Other were a tad more …, creative.

One guy even managed to incorporate a “,Sesame Street”, reference.

This dude had the circus on his mind, big time.

This guy just wasn’,t even close. (Although I appreciate how his partner placates him with an “,Ok baby.”,)

This dude tried to be somewhat logical. (And he’,s not totally wrong?)

Some guy named Johnny couldn’,t keep his mind out of the gutter.

One dude inadvertently proved that sexual education classes are severely lacking in American public schools.

I even asked my own boyfriend for his perspective. His response was perfectly acceptable until he decided to use the hilariously cringe-inducing phrase, “,girl pleasure device.”,

However, one champion guy busted all the stereotypes when actually got the question correct — not only did he know that the object in question was a makeup sponge, he knew that it was called a “,Beautyblender,”, thanks to his time spent watching makeup tutorials.

Even though his lady is dragging him on Twitter for his not-so-secret pastime, I must admit that I’,m quite impressed: how many guys are secure enough to admit that makeup tutorials are the most soothing and satisfying YouTube videos in the world? Shouldn’,t we be celebrating this dude for staying abreast of beauty trends and products?

Makeup and beauty

Either way, I sincerely hope that ladies keep up this trend of posting their boyfriends’, interpretations of bizarre beauty products. I can only imagine what they would have to say about this Foreo Luna mini facial cleansing device:

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