Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast. Top 10 Drop-dead Gorgeous Makeup Looks By Jean Watts You Must Check Out!

Jean Watts is known for her amazing makeup tips, her full lips and flawless skin makes everyone go crazy. If you want to check out some of great makeup looks to have some makeup inspiration, you are not only going to get that but also some really powerful beauty advice from her right on this page. Gorgeous makeup and beauty.

You must also be curious about her natural lip line. Aren’t you? Well, let me tell you that her favorite lip liner involves rosy and peachy tones. She used the lip liner a little over her natural lip line for the impression of fuller lips, having a lighter lip shade inside.

Another amazing thing about her makeup is that her skin looks radiating and flawless. She mentioned in one of her interviews I read online that she uses Cindy Crawford’s microdermabrasion scrub often to keep her skin clean. She also uses retinal serums, toners, and lots of moisturizer at night-time.

When she was asked what skin product she likes the best she answered that she is so dependent on Clean and Clear’s acne treatment. Every time she sees she is likely to get a pimple she uses it and it goes away really fast.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty

It is wonderful to know that she started using eyelashes when she was just 15. Her mom is a makeup Guru so she was introduced with all kinds of makeup tricks in a small age. She has been using Ardell Lashes, Wispies, for years. She doesn’t like overpowering heavy eye except when she is trying to attain a particular look.

That’s one beauty secret you will love to read!

She uses a powder compact from Sally’s Beauty Supply and a one-sided brush to apply it. She also proudly uses NYX Cosmetics Brow Gel to fill in her eyebrows.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast

These were some great beauty and makeup tips from her! Now you can view some amazing makeup looks by her as well <,3

I will let the pictures talking now. Have fun checking them out and get inspired to try your next look:

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