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Legendary singer, actress and television personality Marie Osmond is admired not only for her amazing talent, but also her iconic style. A little bit country and a little bit rock n roll, Marie is the muse behind our new Country and Rock N Roll Eye Shadow Collections and an inspiration to women everywhere that you don’t have to choose—you can be a little bit of both or whoever you want to be in the moment! Like Too Faced, she believes in celebrating your unique style and Owning Your Pretty. In this exclusive beauty confessional, Marie shares her beauty secrets and her love for makeup. Makeup n beauty.

My very first makeup experience was so profound it changed my life! I had eyelashes put on me at NBC Studios when I was nine years old—after that I was hooked! The other profound experience happened when I was sixteen and had a makeup lesson from Way Bandy.

If I was allowed one beauty product while stranded on a deserted island it would besunscreen.

My go-to party lookisblack on the inside bottom lids—it makes a statement for the evening.

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The craziest makeup trend I ever followed was extremely thin eyebrows. That trend originated in the 1930s, yikes! Keep it there, not on my face!

I carrymascara, powder and lip linerin my purse at all times.

I feel my prettiest whenI’m holding my grandbaby!

Makeup n beauty

A beauty secret I’m willing to share:Bio oil—You can get it at Walgreens! Fabulous!

My favorite beauty trait about myself is my beauty mark. I used to think it was a mole, then my mom called it a beauty mark. Thanks mom!

Right now I’m owning my five decades of feeling pretty in makeup #ownyourpretty

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