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While we're waiting for this year's TIFF looks to roll in, I've got one more batch of summer beauty inspo before the season draws to a close (sob!).  Gorgeous makeup and beauty.

There's lots to love here—including the return of the side braid, the most flawless skin EVER, and pink eyeshadow like you've never seen it before!

Here are the latest, most gorgeous hair and makeup looks:

Elizabeth Olsen

What I like: Elizabeth's loose side braid. We haven't seen too many braids on the red carpet since fishtails peaked in 2013—I miss them! As usual, she paired it with her favourite muted tawny makeup. The bronze shadow goes all the way up to the brows and is grounded by brown waterlines. Her lipstick is very "your lips, only better." What I'd change: Nothing.


What I like: Has glittery pink eyeshadow ever looked this good?! Leave it to Rihanna to pair it with orange for a semi-Ombré effect. I also love the pinky (but not hot pink) lip colour—it's all Fenty Beauty, of course. Her hair looks so pretty in this half-up wavy style, and skin is absolutely flawless! What I'd change: The lashes could be a tad less clumped together.

Hailey Baldwin

What I like: Hailey's centre-parted updo... which shows off her incredibly perfect SKIN and bone structure! I love that she did clean eyes, with just a hint of taupe shadow and mascara on the top lids only. Peachy blush and a rich, creamy lip complete the look. What I'd change: Something seems slightly off with the brows—too much product at the top?

Olivia Munn

What I like: Olivia's super-bright orange lipstick. Wisely, there's no colour anywhere else; just lashes, brows and a hint of bronzer. I'm still into her mid-length hair with subtle beachy highlights. What I'd change: Okay, she's got a little lipstick on her teeth... it happens! The gaps in her brows could be filled in (I know she has trichotillomania).

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast Gorgeous makeup and beauty

Halle Berry

What I like: Halle's Boho-style hair wrap. So cool! The rest of her hair is all straight and sleek with skinny ends. I didn't realize it was ths long already! The makeup is barely there: a hint of smoky shadow and slightly overdrawn lips. When you're this naturally gorgeous, you don't need much. What I'd change: Nothing.

Aly Michalka

What I like: Aly's adorable freckles. In fact, her entire complexion is nice and healthy. Lips are sheer and glossy, but she dressed up her eyes with heavy black liner. I like that there aren't any wings; the dabs of highlighter at the inner corners really bring this look to life! What I'd change: Nothing.

Jamie Chung

What I like: Jamie's deep berry lip stain. (And her teeth are so white!) I like that she paired it with strong, straight brows, but left her skin finish natural. What I'd change: Her new blonde is quite brassy, and the makeup would be better without the false lashes and eyeshadow. One brow is filled in better than the other!

Alison Brie

What I like: Alison's iridescent green eyeshadow. Never seen this colour before! It totally reminds me of an old Chanel nail polish shade called Peridot. (Why are there useless facts like that stuck in my brain?) It looks great with bare-ish lips, luminous skin and a soft wavy bob. What I'd change: I think the brown shadow is too heavy. Her lower lip liner could be better blended.

Jessica Lucas

What I like: Jessica's amazing skin—and hair! She didn't really make a style statement here, since the makeup is super-simple, and her hair's just in long waves. But gosh, she just glows from within, doesn't she? What I'd change: Nothing.

Molly Quinn

What I like: Molly's baby blue eyeshadow. Long considered a "faux pas," it actually looks amazing with her unusual colouring! I really appreciate that this makeup doesn't overwhelm her—she kept her skin fresh, brows natural and lashes soft. What I'd change: Nothing.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast Gorgeous makeup and beauty

Krysten Ritter

What I like: Krysten's glossy red lipstick. On other people, the black liner might be a little harsh with it, but this works for her since she's naturally raven. Really into these au naturel brows we're seeing more and more! What I'd change: Her foundation looks little dull and makeuppy. Maybe it's the lighting.

Kyra Sedgwick

What I like: Kyra's beautiful curls. She has amazing brows, too! Makeup-wise, she went for a soft gold, smudged all the way around the eyes, with black liner along the upper lash lines for definition. Everything else is nude, including her lips. What I'd change: Nothing.

Lana Parrilla

What I like: Lana's textured bob, parted deep and pinned back on one side. I'm really loving the youthful vibes of this hair trend. The makeup is nothing exciting, but super-flattering. That pink lip colour is perfection. What I'd change: It looks like she's got a green pen mark near her lip?! 

Jessica Biel

What I like: Jessica's brow-skimming bangs and long waves. She wears the fringe so well! I also love seeing her natural skin, with hardly any eye makeup. The only pop of colour is on her lips, a sheer coral. What I'd change: I think she could use more blush, perhaps?

Adriana Lima

What I like: Adriana's vampy Old Hollywood beauty look. She's got the blackened lipstick and retro waves going on, but it's modern because the hair texture is soft, not stiff. Clean eyes and natural brows keep this from looking too campy. What I'd change: I'm not crazy about the shimmer in the foundation.

Lea Michele

What I like: Lea's new beachy blonde hair. Notice how she left the roots alone, which (as Bill recently explained ) is the to key to going blonde from dark brown. This is one case where I think trimmed brows actually work well. What I'd change: I'm not a fan of the false lashes or obvious yellow highlighter.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast Gorgeous makeup and beauty

Jenny Slate

What I like: Jenny's half-up long waves. I also appreciate seeing her real (and un-Botoxed!) skin texture. Once again, the brows were left alone. Makeup is just a hint of sheer pink on the lips and cheeks, and a few false lashes (which I think are okay here). What I'd change: I'd perfect her skin a tiny bit more, such as around the eyes. 

Who had your favourite beauty look lately?

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