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Kardashians love Gorgeous Cosmetics

If you keep up with Kardashians as much as the team do, you probably noticed on the most recent episode of KUWTK Kim and Kylie raving over the beautiful Ever Metallic 8 Pan Eye Palette by Gorgeous Cosmetics. Read below to find out which shade Kim loved most! Gorgeous makeup and beauty.

Who are Gorgeous Cosmetics?

Gorgeous Cosmetics is a prestige Australian brand. Since founded in 1999 in Melbourne, Gorgeous Cosmetics has gathered a cult following among professional make-up artists and beauty junkies alike. From Melbourne to Manhattan, Gorgeous Cosmetics has taken the world by storm. Making waves internationally, Gorgeous Cosmetics lead the way in providing advice and definitive direction for women on how to achieve glamour and confidence through make-up.

Founder of Gorgeous Cosmetics, David McConnell began his career as makeup artist and hairdresser and distinguished himself very early, attracting multiple Australian Industry Awards. Before he turned 20, David had opened his first boutique, in one of Melbourne’,s most prestigious suburbs, Toorak. In a quest for new opportunities to demonstrate his superior talent for glamour, he then began providing makeup for celebrities, catwalk models and brides. Gorgeous Cosmetics flourished out of his passion, loyalty and pursuit for elite quality.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty

David does not compromise on the quality of ingredients and tests the products extensively. Gorgeous Cosmetics embody quality by offering superior ingredients, such as Vitamin A &, E and Aloe Vera, and utilise cutting edge technology such as triple-milling, capillary ink systems, wet to dry gels and airless pump containers.

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Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast

Kim’,s Choice:

Kim K was seen swatching ‘,Dune’, from the Ever Metallic Eyeshadow Palette and called it life changing . It’,s a beautiful light sand shade with a golden shimmer finish. Try it now!

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Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast

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