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You must be knowing all the hype around the Makeup Sponge aka Beauty Blender. Right? I got the cute pink colored makeup sponge awhile back. Today I’,m sharing the Sugarbox Beauty Blender Review. Makeup and beauty india.

Beauty blender –, blending beauty!

You can’,t deny the fact that Beauty Blender aka Makeup Sponge has become one of the basic makeup essential tool.

Original Beauty Blender can cost a bit and this is exactly where these Beauty Blender make a smashing entry. You can get these for as low as $30. Steal deal, Yeaahh!!

While I was going through various Indian makeup and beauty blog (my personal addiction), I noticed the Beauty Blender has finally found its place here in India.

This instantly reminded me of the beauty blender dupe which I got in the Sugarbox Hot Mess Edition.

So here I’,m sharing my experience of the beauty blender available in India.

Beauty Blender Review, Price, Usage

Let’,s begin with the Makeup Sponge Review.

Price –, It is priced at INR 450. You can get one from Sugarbox itself.

Makeup and beauty products online india

Appearance and Color –, It’,s basically an egg shaped sponge with little variation.

Unlike the original, it isn’,t exactly egg shaped though.It’,s an egg with curves!

Curves provide a better grip and is helpful while using. The color is pretty and girlish, hot pink.

Availability –, Easily available online on Amazon.

Texture –, The blender is made up of Hydrophillic materialwhich is non toxic as well as non allergenic.

The sponge is quite smooth and soft. It’,s not coarse or rough which is good.

When Damp/Wet? It swells and the size does increase while it is dampened but not much.

Experience –, Let me start by telling that I found it cute, probably because of the color and size. It’,s small in size and gently fits onto the palm.

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The curves help in holding it during application of the base product –, foundation, primer, concealer or blush.

Also the pointed end reaches the smaller areas easily (nose, under eyes, around mouth) where as the base works well and good for larger ones (cheeks, forehead, chin).

The dupe gives a good finish and also saves you from switching of brushes!:p

It does absorbs a certain amount of the product which is but obvious as it’,s a sponge!

Post Washing –, After usage I tested it by washing. I used cool water (no detergent) and air dried, away from sunlight.

After drying, I noticed the texture wasn’,t the same anymore. It became rough and wasn’,t smooth as before. But the softness was almost same.

This was disappointing but then it’,s a dupe! I liked how great it worked for me.

√ Initially soft and smooth

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× Quality degrades post wash(es)

It’,s affordable and does job well. Though not durable but still I do recommend it as it is a smart purchase.

Summary –, Overall a decent tool which works well but is not durable. It is inexpensive and does the job of three brushes!

That’,s all about the beauty blender dupe available in India. Hope you find it helpful.

Have you got one? Share your experience in the comments below.

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