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Do you buy limited edition makeup items? Beauty and makeup.

I’,ve gotten way more picky over time with what I will buy from limited edition collections. A lot of brands will generate hype surrounding a new limited edition release and sell out almost instantly, driving customers crazy trying to track the item down. Many limited edition holiday sets are also made in other countries and with lesser quality ingredients. They may not be the same formula you know and love.

A lot of the holiday makeup items out there have horrible packaging. Lots of the sets I’,ve seen are made from cheap materials, some are huge and bulky and I know they will be difficult to store. A recent trend has been selling “,pro”, palettes that contain numerous shades to match the complexions of a wide variety of people- perfect if you are a makeup artist, but the vast majority of us only have one face to make up every day. If I buy a makeup set with four complexion shades, I’,m only going to match the lightest one, and the others will end up going to waste. I also tend to get sucked into palettes that have gorgeous color groupings but all the individual shades are ones that I have dupes of in other palettes.

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When it comes to makeup, I am often drawn to the same types of colors and products. As you can see in my picture above, I am drawn to peachy-nude blushes. When I see a new release come out and there’,s a nude blush, I will get really excited and put it on my wish list. To the average makeup consumer’,s eye the three blushes above are similar enough that I should only be able to justify purchasing one of them, but I see subtle differences in each in color and texture.

When it comes to adding to my makeup collection, this year I have my eye on new or new to me brands so I can find new and fun items I haven’,t seen or tried before. I recently purchased the Ciate London Chloe Morello Beauty Haul Makeup Set. I’,ve got my eye on the Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette during the next VIB sale as well. Both are brands I haven’,t tested for myself but heard fabulous things about and both have limited edition holiday items in some of my favorite shades. What better way to try out a new brand? Most of the items from Tarte’,s holiday makeup collections are a pass for me due to bulky packaging and quality concerns, but I’,m contemplating their Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette . Ulta has lots of exclusive holiday collections out this year as well as Sephora, and I hope to be sharing with you a few of my favorites in the weeks to come. Dermstore is another favorite shopping destination for me, as they almost always have a 20% coupon and their shipping is free. They carry lots of major brands and I have been eyeing a few of their sets.

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Stay tuned for my holiday coverage in the coming weeks. I am very excited for a few holiday releases, but I’,m being selective in what I will cover this year. I don’,t want to expand my beauty collection needlessly but there are a few items on my wish list that I can’,t wait to get my hands on. I’,m trying to remember that just because some of the items this time of year are limited edition, beautifully presented, and an awesome price point, I don’,t need to get my paws on every single release! Being picky pays off- with the money I’,m not spending on makeup this season, I’,m hoping to treat myself to a few post-partum wardrobe updates in the new year.

Do you shop for limited edition or holiday makeup items? What do you have your eye on this year?

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