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Blush Beauty Room

Blush Beauty Room takes a casual and friendly approach to all things beauty. They believe that makeup can be very affordable, high end, or better yet, somewhere in the middle! Beauty makeup supply.

Blush's passion is to help you find the products and price points that are best for you. They've spent many years working with just one brand and realized that owning only one line isn't a reality. Our skin, preferences and professions change over the years. Our regimens and routines must shift accordingly, making plenty of room for all of the amazing beauty brands out there! Blush buys, tests and trie them all, allowing them to make the best recommendations for you.


StormSister Spatique lipsticks. 3waybeauty grooming collection. Treat Beauty lip scrub.

Becky Sturm, owner of StormSister, grew up in her grand- mother’s hair salon, spent 25 years doing hair, skin and nails in the salon and spa industry and in 2005 started StormSister Spatique®, a unique, online beauty boutique at

After being continually disheartened with controversial ingredients in beauty and personal grooming products, excessive packaging (most of it neither recyclable nor compostable), and how customers were convinced they needed a different, specialized product for every part of their beauty routines, Becky developed 3waybeauty in 2011 – a natural, multi-functional beauty and grooming brand. Its mission: to produce good-for-you natural products that do three jobs instead of one. Available online at

Midwest Makeup Supply

3rd Degree, Atomic Cosmetics. Bad Ass Stencils.Beauty Addicts.

Brush Guards.Cherry Blooms.DUO. Embryolisse. Gems. Graftobian. Hard Core Cosmetics.London Brush Cleanser.Makeup Bullet.Mehron.Nurturing Force.Parian Cherry.Royal and Langnickel SILK Brushes.Skindinavia.Sugarpill Cosmetics.TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup and tools. Woochie

Known as the airbrush makeup expert in town, Corrie Dubay has everything you need to start up and maintain an airbrush business.

Come visit Midwest Makeup Supply's booth for FREE airbrush demos!

Sally beauty supply makeup brush cleaner

SOJO is passionate about bringing beauty and wellness professionals together to a place where they can find what they are each looking for. SOJO serves the beauty and wellness industry every day by delivering a distinct online employment website that is current, relevant and personalized. Through the unique SOJOPro™,they will help lead you to the best possible fit according to what you really desire. Simple and easy, SOJO thinks finding your right fit should be, too.

Kendra Atkinson

Kendra Atkinson, co-founder of SOJO, is passionate about providing an amazing customer experience, rock solid company culture, efficient strategy and building a one-of-a-kind product.

Her love for business blossomed while working for a major retailer during college. After earning her Psychology degree, she learned and refined her skills in management and process, fueling several start-up businesses. These experiences solidified her ability to establish and operate in different business arenas. She also has consulted several businesses on management and strategy implementation. In her own words it was, "better experience than any MBA program."

Her mission for SOJO clients is that they experience a connection and direction for their own passions. And also that every SOJO employee loves their job!

Brow Chic

Brow Chic is your go-to boutique for brow design, makeup and eyelash extensions. Their mission is to share our love of beauty with you. The perfect brow shape can make a world of difference.

Kae, the brains and beauty behind Brow Chic. Kae's focus on brow shaping, lash extensions and makeup have been going strong for the past 12 years. Her sharp eye for down-to-the-last-detail, make her treatments truly unique. She believes beautifully shaped eyebrows are THE way to enhance natural beauty.

The Glow Lounge

The Glow Lounge is a custom airbrush tanning boutique with locations in Edina and St. Paul. We specialize in giving our clients the most natural-looking tan to fit their skin tone and desired look using our advanced heated airbrush system. We also sell organic skin care products like One Love Organics and use eco-certified organic based solution.

Mollie Michura is a redheaded girl who just wanted to look tan like her non-ginger friends. She pushed her skin to the limits as a teenager just trying to get some color, but the only color she ever got was red. Not fair, huh? In her mid 20's she found sunless tanning and bought her first airbrush machine and the rest is history.

Bms beauty makeup supply

Snapchat: theglowlounge

Edina - 4532 France Avenue South, Edina, MN 55426

St. Paul - 1032 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

Epitome Skincare

Epitome products combine smart, safe, effective ingredients with a little fashion and fun! They are the perfect example - the epitome - of what skincare should be.

Epitome Skincare entered the retail market in 2010 with a successful launch of Lash &, Brow Serum. Since then, the line has expanded to include multi-tasking products that give our clients minimal-fuss routines with maximum luxury + serious results.

Jadelicious Nail Creations

Thoa Tang “Aka Jade”, owner of Jadelicious Nail Creations (aka JNC) Studio, LLC came to the United State of America just about a decade ago. Jade’s love for fashion and beauty has helped her to create and expand her own unique “couture” nail style.

In year 2014, Jade participated in a national competition hosted by Nails Pro Magazine (maybe the most of every Nail Magazine), which featured her artwork and rewarded her with a registered trophy. Right after acquiring her first national recognition from renowned publisher, went back to continuing education adaptation class and acquired her nail salon manager license to move on forward on her project of opening a private nails creations studio, which succeed. To complete her Grand Slam, after the two previous acquisitions, Jade engaged herself into Nail Technology Educator/ Instructor courses and also succeed becoming the youngest certified Nail Technology Instructor out of the only 2 registered in the state of Minnesota and the only specialized and certified Swarovski Crystal Culture Stylist, Akzentz Certified Educator also in the state of Minnesota.

November 22nd, 2014, Jade opened up her first official store/ Studio location in St Paul, MN in the Highlands area and kept its name as her existing reputation, Jadelicious Nails Creations Studio (aka JNC Studio). January 15th, 2016 Jade expanded her studio to a more spacious space located in Roseville, MN.

Beauty makeup supply online

JNC Studio, 2151 Hamline Ave N, #204, Roseville MN 55113

KLASS Beauty

KLASS has been developed to meet our customers’ expectations and desires for the ideal cosmetic and skin care products. KLASS contains natural, paraben-free ingredients and is infused with essential vitamins to provide healthy and youthful looking skin with sun protection, anti-aging formula and hypoallergenic ingredients. All products are manufactured in the finest MANA laboratories in New York City, a company focused on industry inspired formulations for over 40 years. We offer top quality goods with very competitive pricing for maximum customer satisfaction.

KLASS is proud to be the first in the industry to provide a full-time charitable “Give Back” program known as KLASS ACT. For every purchase, the KLASS ACT Foundation will donate an additional item to an organization which sponsors women in need who would appreciate the opportunity to experience a luxury product. We believe, at the heart of our business, that charitable giving extends beyond monetary donations. We have chosen to spread love through KLASS ACT by gifting products to charities that empower women who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse, serious illness, and poverty. “Buy One, Give One …and share the gifts of joy and beauty.”

Nick Raehsler is proud to be one of the youngest executives in the entire beauty industry in the Twin Cities Metro. Nick's business partners include retired North West Airlines / Delta executive Vice President Crystal Knotek and retired cosmetic dentist Tim Knotek. They also are the founders of the KLASS Act giveback program. Nick started his first physical business downtown River Falls, WI at the age of 12. Renting a small space for business to repair mobile phones, resell retail electronics, and teach elders on new technology. Nick was probably the only 13-year-old (at the time) to be awarded a spot on the local Chamber of Commerce board of Ambassadors. Nick quickly figured that electronics and web design was not his niche and soon joined the retail beauty industry, where he now flourishes with some of the industries top leaders like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama's styling teams. They now have locations in River Falls WI, Woodbury MN, and their products can be found in a selection of spas around the area. Nick's main focus is creating the next big brand, focusing on product development and really digging into the formulations of products, education on products for consumers, and giving back to communities with their charity giveback program they have developed.

Makeup First School of Makeup Artistry

In 2006, in order the answer the need for superior formal makeup artistry training in Chicago, Jill Glaser founded Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry. The School offers comprehensive education in all areas of makeup artistry, each instructor of the School, including Jill, continues to also work in the area of their expertise. Due to the superior training offered by the School, Jill is frequently requested to staff shoots and events, in 2013, Jill Glaser created the agency, Artists by Make Up First, LLC.

Skin Envy Clinic

Envy Skin Clinic offers state-of-the art cosmetic procedures, including laser hair removal, skin care, liposuction &, more.

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