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By Brielle Jaekel

Elizabeth Arden, Ardell and Paul Mitchell are a few of the brands making their products visible on the YouCam Makeup application, which recently underwent a new upgrade to incorporate beauty looks into a daily horoscope.

YouCam Makeup is hoping to increase visits and time spent within its augmented reality app by introducing a horoscope function in which users will receive beauty tips based on their zodiac sign. Users have the option to search for products and looks from brands, virtually try them on and make a purchase.

“YouCam Makeup’s most popular feature ever is it’s monthly horoscope makeup looks, garnering over 10 million try-ons every month,” said Lindsay Colameo, beauty editor at Perfect Corp. “In order to give our users more of this engaging celestial content, we enlisted the help of astrologer, Kimberly Peta Dewhirst, to help create daily beauty horoscope readings.

“The daily predictions provide astrology fans with beauty-related tips specific for their star sign, like their lucky lipstick color or the best fashion styles of the day,” she said. and beauty

Users can now visit YouCam Makeup everyday to get a glimpse at their horoscope along with a beauty tip based on their forecast for their zodiac sign, created in partnership with professional astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst. The homepage now features a horoscope summary based on the user’s birthdate within their profile.

A beauty tip is located underneath the summary with content posted within the app from accounts that generated from users, publications and brands. For instance, a user who is a Taurus will see the daily horoscope for her sign at the top of the homepage underneath featured content with an example such as, “you will gain a better perspective on your interests surrounding a person or project.”

The accompanying tip reads, “use a lively pink to think and glow with your attractive drive and tenacity.” Two examples from users in the community are showcased with varying pink hair looks, and in the future users will see content generated by brands.

Users can also browse products from specific brands directly within the app within the brands tab. For instance, Elizabeth Arden has a variety of lipsticks, which users can click to virtually try on their selfies through augmented reality.

Makeup and beauty

Cargo Cosmetics similarly enabled beauty enthusiasts to virtually try on makeup by implementing FaceCake Marketing Technologies’ augmented reality platform into its mobile and desktop browsers, eliminating the need to download yet another standalone app ( see more ).

Sephora also brought live 3D facial recognition to the existing Virtual Artist feature on its app and Web site, a move expected to boost conversion rates through more accurate facial tracking and rendering ( see more )

“YouCam Makeup invites brand partners to collaborate on both monthly and daily horoscope features,” Ms. Colameo said. “We hope to integrate popular beauty products into the daily horoscope offerings as a way to further enhance the user experience.”

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