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You see inflammation on your skin or dark circles under your eyes, and your first step is to layer on the concealer. It&rsquo,s a reasonable instinct and one that many MUAs have too. But according to Spyksma, loading up on concealer is not the answer. For discoloration, you have to be strategic. Beauty makeup artist.

First off, more concealer under the eyes doesn&rsquo,t equal better coverage. All that excessive makeup just enhances fine lines and wrinkles, says Spyksma. Instead, camouflage darkness with an orange-, pink-, or peach-toned colour corrector, like the YSL picks above. This approach is more effective at targeting darkness, plus, it allows you to use less product.

Another huge concealer no-no? Attempting to use it on under-eye puffiness. &ldquo,You can't cover bags if you're tired,&rdquo, says Spyksma. Instead, here&rsquo,s a quick hack: Apply an ice cube to cool the under-eye area. &ldquo,This will reduce the puffiness rather than overload it with makeup,&rdquo, says Spyksma.

It&rsquo,s slightly terrifying to think about how much dirt, oil, and bacteria makeup brushes collect with each use. Still, cleaning them tends to get pushed to the bottom of everyone&rsquo,s beauty to-do list&mdash,even makeup artists&rsquo,.

&ldquo,It stresses me out when I see makeup artists use brushes on multiple people without cleaning them,&rdquo, says Spyksma. &ldquo,I t's unsanitary, can spread bacteria, and leads to little nasties like styes, cold sores, and breakouts.&rdquo, Um, ew.

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Spyksma recommends cleaning your brushes once a week. You don&rsquo,t even need special products to do it&mdash,just water, a gentle shampoo (like the Rahua pick above), and vinegar. ( Read more about how to DIY your own brush cleanser.)

Contouring is fun, and everybody likes to play with it (especially MUAs). But sometimes we can all go a little too far. &ldquo,Even makeup artists seem to confuse that contouring is just meant to bring out the natural structure of the face,&rdquo, says Martin. Often, the results wind up harsh and unnatural.

To avoid this, first make sure you choose matte contour products that are cool-toned (think taupes and grays). Unlike warm, shimmery bronzers, these shades mimic natural shadows. (Try mixing a few Make Up For Ever foundations together to find your perfect shade.) You also want to use a formula that matches the texture of your foundation. For example, if you&rsquo,re wearing liquid foundation, opt for a liquid contour product. Wearing powder foundation? Choose a powder bronzer.

And remember, the ultimate secret to a natural contour is blending. There&rsquo,s really no such thing as blending too much.

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This is one of the first tips you learn in Beautyblending 101. But surprisingly, the word still hasn&rsquo,t quite spread to every beauty junkie and makeup artist. &ldquo,If anyone ever says they aren't in love with the Beautyblender, I always know it's because they aren't using it right,&rdquo, says Spyksma. &ldquo,A dry blender will eat your makeup, and you'll be left wondering what the hell everyone was talking about.&rdquo, Tragique!

To make the most of your egg-shaped sponge, run it under a faucet, then, squeeze it out so it ends up moist but not soaked. Alternatively, you can dampen it with a hydrating face mist. &ldquo,This changes everything!&rdquo, Spyksma promises. Wetting your Beautyblender allows you to apply your makeup products evenly and smoothly.

There is a lot of information in the world about how one should fill in their brows. There are standards and stencils and golden ratios. Personally, I've made every brow mistake in the book, from using shades that were all wrong for me (ahem, jet black) to using an embarrassingly heavy hand with my pencil. But one mistake even MUAs make is trying to force your brows into a shape they simply aren't meant to be. This could include overdrawing your arch or extending the tail far past where it naturally ends.

Remember: Whether your arches are naturally straight, curved, or pointed, their original shape is going to be your most flattering. So instead of trying to draw on someone else's brows, grab your favorite brow product, and gently trace your own.

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