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One of the best parts of writing this blog is all of the amazing beauty products I am exposed to. The high end stuff, the drugstore stuff…, I try it all and then get to report back here. There are a lot of bad products out there which makes the good finds even more exciting. Today I’,ve rounded up the fifteen best drugstore products I’,ve tried this summer. It’,s a nice mix of old favorites + new discoveries. Makeup and beauty home.

ONE // This Pixi bronzer is one of my go-to beauty products. It isn’,t anything new (I’,ve featured it here, here, and here ), but I had to include it for summer as it gives you the prettiest (non-dirty) bronze glow with just the right amount of shimmer. It goes on light, so you can build the color…, making it pretty much impossible to screw up.

TWO // This leave-in conditioner is so amazing for so many reasons…, but it really just smells amazing and tames frizz better than most products I’,ve tried. I stick it in my beach bag and apply a little bit after a swim in the ocean for perfect beach waves.

THREE// One of the best drugstore/inexpensive hair sprays I’,ve tried. This smells SO good and gives great (touchable) hold all day long.

FOUR // While I don’,t advocate this short-cut every night, these towelettes are great for travel or in a pinch when you just really don’,t want to wash your face. They’,ll take all of your makeup off while leaving your skin smooth and soft.

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FIVE // I had forgotten all about St. Ives’, Apricot Scrub til more recently. This stuff is so effective and also a fun throwback to my high school days…, I was obsessed! I actually use it as a body scrub as well.

SIX // So it isn’,t a drugstore product technically, but it’,s a drugstore price point and I refuse to use most drugstore deodorants as they contain aluminum. After I wrote this post, a few of you recommended checking out the Schmidt’,s stick and I absolutely love it. Just as effective as my beloved Agent Nateur…, but a lot less expensive. The lavender sage is my favorite.

EIGHT // This chubby brow crayon makes doing your brows so, so easy. It fills them in nicely, but the formula is a soft pomade so it also tames them. I really love it.

NINE // I had to include plain old coconut oil here. Is there anything this stuff doesn’,t do? I love it as a body moisturizer…, I’,ll run just a little bit over flyaways and split ends…, you can use it for oil pulling …, is there anything this stuff won’,t do? and beauty

TEN // This liquid lipstick is a new favorite and I love the Orange Shot color so so much (it’,s the perfect red-orange lip –, similar to my favorite Bite lip cream in Sherry). It stays on all night and doesn’,t dry your lips out a bit.

ELEVEN // On the natural front, I love these lipsticks from Burts Bees. Iced iris is a great all natural pink (it’,s very sheer and just makes you look a little more polished) and Scarlet Soaked is a fantastic true-red.

TWELVE // I’,ve been reading so many reports about different sunscreens actually not being as effective as they claim. This one is ranked #1 by Consumer Reports. Sunscreen is NOT somewhere I’,m willing to take any chances!

THIRTEEN // I tell anyone who will listen how much I adore the Lumi Cushion. I love it because it provides beautiful, buildable color. It sinks right into your skin (never sitting on top) and covers any imperfections without looking like makeup. The cushion itself is also just really fun!

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FOURTEEN // Can I just say how happy I am that John Frieda brought back his beach waves spray? This was my absolute favorite beauty product in college. It leaves your hair soft + beachy…, without any of the dry crunchiness that comes with a lot of wave sprays. It also smells like vacation in a bottle…, so dreamy.

FIFTEEN // You know I love a good peel (and I wrote more about this line here ), but I can’,t get enough of L’,Oreal’,s new peel pads. They contain 10% glycolic acid for smooth, even skin…, and work just as well (sometimes better) as their higher-end competitors. Favorite-favorite.

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