Makeup and beauty Uber of beauty lets you order a hair stylist to your house for £40, Metro News

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A new range of apps let you order freelance beauty therapists and hairdressers to your home, office or hotel, much like an Uber.

Zeebba Beauty, among others, offers a hair cut or style, make-up, manicure, massage, wax, fake tan, eyelashes, facial or even a beard trim without leaving the house.

Professionals certified by the London Hair Academy and the London Makeup School sign up online and go through a thorough a vetting process before being added to the database.

A hairstyle or makeup look will set you back £40, a haircut is £30 and a beard trim or wet shave is £25. A 30-minute massage costs £40, gel manicure £40, pedicures start at just £22, and a top-of-the-range Brazilian Keratin hair treatment costs £80.

Zeebba Beauty launched in October and currently only operates in areas within the M25. A gradual roll-out is planned for 2016 to include other areas of the country.

Mobile hairdressing is nothing new –, but it being affordable certainly is.

In the past year and a half ‘,Uber for beauty’, has really exploded in London.

Around the end of 2014, when the business model had already been around in the US for a while, companies started popping up in the UK.

They include Prettly, a website which launched in November 2014 offering nails and massage to Londoners in zones 1-3. In December 2015 they expanded their menu to include hair and makeup, and they’,re currently developing an app.

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Founder Farrah Hamid says: ‘,Prettly was one of the first companies to apply the Uber business model to the beauty sector in London.

‘,The hair and makeup offering was borne out of demand from our existing nails customers –, mainly busy, professional women who don’,t have time to go to a salon.

‘,The expansion has been going very well, and the party season was definitely the right time to launch it.

‘,It’,s a very convenient and affordable option for women delivered right to their doorstep, especially as most salons close at 5pm and women may not have time to get to there right after work.’,

Now, there are several companies operating in London such as Zeebba Beauty, Prettly, and Priv, which started in the US.

With Prettly, a classic mani starts at £25, hair up starts at £35, a day makeup look starts at £35, and express hair and make up is £45.

The Priv model is slightly different. With Prettly you can book treatments from three hours up to two weeks in advance, but with Priv it’,s exactly like Uber –, the professional arrives as soon as possible.

As with Prettly and Priv, with Zeebba you simply log onto the app or website, choose your service, put in your postcode and a professional will bring the salon to you.

Zeebba Beauty operates between the hours of 7am and 11pm and does packages and deals with hotels, including Valentine’,s Day themed ones.

Makeup and beauty at home

One drawback for now is that if you want multiple treatments like hair and make-up, for example, you’,ll need to book them separately.

The prices currently on the website are for so-called white-label services, but black-label options are set to be added in the next couple of weeks offering premium extras like champagne.

Zeebba Beauty is hosting an open evening for budding Zeebba Artists on Tuesday January 19 at 7:30pm at the London Capital Club.

So what did we think of Zeebba Beauty?

When I first heard about this app I thought it would be perfect for a hen party, wedding day or a big night out.

With a party to go to, I decided to put it to the test.

The website takes a little work to figure out and it is a brand new company, so I’,d recommend booking 48 hours ahead. It gives you enough time to calmly make sure the professionals you need are available in your area at the time and date you need them.


My Zeebba Beauty Artist Olivia arrived at 2.30pm, just as I had got out the shower, so I buzzed her in while I got dressed.

By the time I got downstairs she had set up her hair and make-up station and cracked open a bottle of Bollinger, which was a really nice touch.

I’,ve had a glass of bubbly while getting my hair done at a top salon before, but I felt quite smug that I was saving myself an hour or two travelling and faffing about by having Olivia come to me –, for the same price or even cheaper.

Makeup and beauty home

She got to work, setting my hair in rollers and creating a natural base for my make-up along with dark smoky eyes, before dusting bronzer onto my cheeks and pencilling in a nude lip colour.

It took her just an hour and 15 minutes to perfect the look, something that would take me at least two hours to do myself.

My final hair and make-up look lasted much longer than when I do it myself, staying in place until the early hours.

The makeover process made me feel at ease as I was in my own home and didn’,t have to rush anywhere or worry about getting home and out on time.

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