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When it comes to lip gloss I’m aaaaaaall about nudes with a high-shine finish, so I immediately knew that the MAC Plushglass in Fullfilled, a creamy nude peach, would be right up my alley. Makeup beauty.

Described as a sheer lip color with a glossy finish that gives a cool-warm buzz to the lips, the MAC Plushglass is perfect for lovers of all things nude and glossy and those with easily dehydrated lips that need around-the-clock moisture.

What I love most about the MAC Fulfilled Plushglass is that it’s such an easy lip gloss. Because of its slightly thicker texture and precise applicator it’s super simple to apply and since Fulfilled is so sheer it’s really forgiving and I can easily touch up the color without a mirror. Like I said: easy!

And I also love how nice the formula feels on my lips. It makes them feel really soft and hydrated and because the thicker texture ‘sticks’ a bit better to my lips than most glosses – without actually feeling sticky, I must add – the effect really lasts and lasts.

The only thing I could do without is the ‘cool-warm buzz’ the gloss creates. Vanilla flavor? Totally down for that! But that weird stingy slash tingly slash hot ‘n cold sensation? Not particularly loving it. I’m not saying I hate it, but let’s just say that I wouldn’t be too gutted if it wasn’t there.

In Switzerland, the MAC Fulfilled Plushglass (28 CHF) is available for a limited time only at all MAC stores and MAC counters as well as in the MAC online store.

What do you look for in a lip gloss? What do you think of the MAC Fulfilled Plushglass?

When my best friend had to cancel her trip to Switzerland last month I immediately knew what to do: fly back to Belgium myself asap! There was just no way I was going to wait another couple weeks – or, god forbid, months – to see my bestie again. So as you’re reading this it’s my last day back in Belgium (you can check out my packing video here ). It’s only a three-day blitz visit though, but I plan to make the most of my 72 hours and fill every second of them with quality time. And while my BFF and I are busy catching up I thought I’d do the Best Friend Tag and answer a series of questions about my best friend and me. Check it out!

✿ friends right from the start ✿

We met straight out of the womb. My bestie was born on June 19 and I was born a week after. Our parents were friends, so Shana and I we were bound to become friends as well.

What was your first impression of each other?

Since we were literally just a few days old when we first met I don’t think we really put a lot of thought into the whole thing ,-)

What is your favorite memory together?

Our endless summer sleep-overs and late-night mischief.

Describe your best friend in one word. How would your best friend describe you?

I’d describe my best friend as genuine. And glamorous. She’d probably describe me as smart. And chocolate-addicted.

✿ performing together at the school play ✿

Makeup beauty haul

She doesn’t have one and neither do I.

She’s a size 38 and I’m (sadly) a size 40.

List three items that you both can’t leave the house without.

✿ post-shopping car selfie ✿

Our handbags, our phones and our shades.

It’s not a joke per se, but my bestie do this dance where we stand in front of each other, stretch our arms, place a hand against each other’s forehead and then start jumping/dancing wildly. It’s hard to explain…

If you were ordering pizza for each other, which toppings would you pick?

✿ enjoying home-made pizza &, gin tonic together ✿

I’m thinking salami and lots of cheese for my best friend. And she would probably stack my pizza with lots of veggies since she’s always doing her super duper best to accommodate to my vegetarian ways.

We used to (and still) love 90s jump and oldschool hardcore. Much to the annoyance of our husbands who instantly deny all connection to us when we burst into dance.

What movie did/do you enjoy watching together?

What does your perfect free day together look like?

✿ post-hot tub gin tonic by the fire ✿

Lounging by the pool/by the fire – depending on the season –, with a gin tonic and some snacks in hand, just catching up. And going shopping together is always fun too.

We both like dogs and skiing/snowboarding. We both dislike uncleanliness.

Do you share any strengths and/or weaknesses?

Makeup beauty salon

We’re both very emotional and we tend to overthink things and worry too much. But we’re also very loyal and have the same make-it-happen attitude.

We’re germophobes. We’re both very neat and tidy and our icky bars are set pretty low.

✿ my bestie to my left as my maid of honor ✿

I call her Shanabanana and she calls me Mieniessa.

Something that you and your best friend don’t have in common?

I’m very outdoorsy, I love hiking and I like active holidays. My best friend prefers to spend her summer breaks relaxing at the beach or by the pool.

What do you admire most about your best friend? What do you think she admires most about you?

I admire that she has always remained 100% true to herself and who she is. And I think she admires my intelligence (though she really gives me way too much credit, I am not that smart).

How important is friendship to you? Who is your best friend?

I just love how a pop of color, a cute print or a funky design can transform even the most common things into totally cute must-haves. Everything is just better with a kitty on it, amirite? Today I want to show you three super kawaii Born Pretty goodies that put a smile on my face everything I use them. Take a look!

Lotus Flower Cotton Swab &, Toothpick Holder

This leafy green lotus flower cotton swab slash toothpick holder is just sooooo much prettier than the boring blue jar that I used to put our cotton swabs in. Cleaning out ear wax has never been this fun, dude. Availability: 3.78 USD in the Born Pretty online store

Yellow Retractable Powder Brush

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so every time I use my new retractable powder brush I just can’t help but smile. And the bristles are soooooo soft and fluffy! Availability: 4.08 USD in the Born Pretty online store

Pink Kitty Compact Mirror

Told you everything was better with a (hungry) kitty on it! Isn’t this little compact mirror just the cutest? And it totally matches with my new kitty earrings. Availability: 3.94 USD in the Born Pretty online store

Are you into kawaii stuff? What can put a smile on your face?

Since I’m off to Belgium again I decided to make a video in which I tell you about the purpose of my trip as well as show you what beauty products I pack when I’,m traveling with hand luggage only. I figured that since we’,re all a bit snoopy –, I know I am –, you guys might like to have a little peek inside my travel beauty bag. Take a look!

Watch the video on YouTube for the best quality &, remember to put the settings at 1080p HD

S.p. beauty makeup


3. Paula’,s Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum (review)

6. Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 pumped into a special travel tube

Base make-up
Eye make-up

2. Bobbi Brown Cypress Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (review)

3. Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette (overview)

Lip products

1. Bourjous Nude Wave Lèvres Contour Edition

2. Urban Decay Indecent Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush (review)

3. Clinique Sweet Rose Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub + Lip Balm (review)

Do you often travel with hand luggage only? What are your top beauty essentials when traveling?

‘’L’Occitane and Mr. Wonderful have gotten together to whisk you away to Provence with My Beauty Basket. Bursting with optimism, this is a picnic basket with a difference. And it promises a beautiful picnic.’’

I only learned who Mr. Wonderful is – or are rather, because they’,re a husband-and-wife graphic designer duo – after a quick google search, but even without that information I immediately fell in love with L’,Occitane’,s latest release. I mean, just LOOK at this cute little beauty basket! Described as ‘an irresistible beauty basket, filled with treats and delights for the body’ the limited-edition L’Occitane My Beauty Basket (27 CHF) is the perfect summery beauty gift.

1. L’Occitane Jasmin &, Bergamote Perfumed Soap

2. L’Occitane Delightful Rose Shea Butter Hand Cream

Are you a L’Occitane fan? Have you tried any of the products in the L’Occitane My Beauty Basket?

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