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Hi! This is Arzoo, the author and editor of this blog! Beauty and makeup love.

I started this blog to share my love for skin care, makeup and beauty tips!

My blog features product reviews, skin care tips, hair care tips, and tutes also somewhere in the coming future ,) All my relatives and friends used to always ask me for some tips for their skin and hair or advice to solve their skin issues. I used to tell them some easy and quick solutions which they would thank me for. Then I thought why not choose a platform in which I can help everyone solve their skin and hair queries. So here I am to tell everything about skin, hair and smart shopping.:)

My skin is dry both during summers and winters so I mostly will be reviewing dry skin care products.

Love and beauty makeup tutorial

My hair are also dry and I got rebonding done in February 2013 so they are pretty much in a good condition now.:)

And lastly you have to know my love for sunscreen and how sunsmart I am…,. I never step out of the house without wearing a high SPF sunscreen preferably SPF 40 or 50, without a cap, sunglasses and sometimes covering my face with handkerchief. I totally avoid sun as much as I can and I wear sunscreen even at home.

I will be doing makeup, skin care, hair and body care products’, reviews and will also share some of the beauty tips I have in my knowledge! I update my blog once a day. I will share everything that I have in my knowledge about beauty.

Love and beauty makeup remover wipes

You are free to ask me any question…, Would love to hear from you guys.. If you have any query or want me to do some product review, send me a mail on

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