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Whether for work, a night out, special occasions or theatrical performances – make-up is a widely used and very popular product in the UK. It has a wide range of uses - accentuating already beautiful natural features, concealing blemishes or spots, or creating completely different, sometimes outlandish, looks. Considered to be more of an essential item than even perfume, prices can vary widely, so it's best to compare online to find the cheapest seller for you. This category also contains treatment products such as the RevitaLash Advanced eyelash serum. Makeup prices.

Stylish Makeup Trends

From smoky eyes and bright red lips to the sheer and natural nude look, as if all you've been using is facial care products: styles oscillate from one extreme to the other. Growing in popularity is the matte look. This more finished, powdered look is replacing the nude face that has dominated catwalks for so many years. Becoming rather trendy too are "stained" rather than lined lips. This look is all about the dull, subtle shades of petal and berry that are replacing the moist (and often very obvious) glossy look. Eyeshadow palettes like the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette are particular popular and make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.


Although it's been around for countless years and is used as standard makeup on a daily basis by many, eyeliner is being applied in more creative ways these days. It's often worn as either a simple or bold line across the lashes, flourished into dramatically accentuated cat eyes or smudged underneath the eye with some elaborately styled hair for a retro grunge look.

Essential to any attempt at highlighting the eyes is a good eye shadow. Those with blue eyes should opt for warmer shades, since blue itself is already cool. If you have brown eyes, you're considered particularly lucky, as the brown of your eyes is neutral and therefore won't compete with eyeshadow colours. The world of eyeshadows in this case is therefore your oyster and you can choose any colour from peach or purple to bronze or pink!

To emphasise green eyes, some experts suggest using purple tones or browns that have somewhat of a red undertone. If you happen to have hazel eyes – considered a mixture between green and brown – use shades of grey, browns with a touch of yellow in them, or plum.

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Perhaps one of the biggest surprises lately has been the reappearance of striking red nailpolish – perhaps a throwback from the 1940's. In the realm of nailpolishes, there's also been an increase in the number of women rushing to get their hands on pastel hues that create a gentle, Pinterest-worthy look. Not forgetting glitter lovers though, glitter nailpolishes that provide a splash of sparkle are just as trendy as ever. Whether or not you follow current fads or have developed a unique look that brings out your best features, the best makeup tools remain:

Products for the Perfect Complexion

A clear complexion is the basis of any look. Unfortunately however, not everyone has been blessed by nature with an even skin tone that's the envy of everyone around you! Acne and other impurities continue long after our notorious teen years have ended. In addition, we all have to deal with the ageing process and other factors that affect our skin. These factors include, for instance, daily stress, poor diet, environmental pollutants, UV rays and wind, as well as a lack of sleep. Although we can target these factors and do our best to protect our skin from them, one cheap makeup product is often close at hand to conceal unwanted redness, large pores or other minor blemishes. This product is foundation, and it's become the best friend of many. It's easy to apply (often applied with clean fingertips, a cosmetic sponge or a make-up brush) and does wonders for hiding those niggly things you don't want everyone to see.

For liver spots, freckles, moles or pits and acne scars, try the stronger coverage provided by camouflage makeup. Dark circles under the eyes are best dealt with using a concealer, some of which claim to hide mild age lines, as well. For a quick and simple solution for scattered pimples and blackheads, try a cover-up pencil. Once the complexion has been evened out according to need, a light coating of powder will ensure anything you've applied will stay for longer. Powder is also ideal for preventing shine and providing a finished, matte look. Bronzer, like the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, is great for adding a sun-kissed glow.

Natural Products for Natural Beauty

Natural makeups are the latest trend and this comes as no surprise as the benefits of natural ingredients on the skin are endless. Not only are women demanding healthier products that help them care for their skin though, but more and more emphasis is being placed on sustainability and animal rights. Many or all Alva, Korees, Lavera and Dr Hauschka cosmetic products are created without animal extracts, artificial fragrances or artificial colouring. When looking to buy natural makeup products, make sure you purchase products that bear certifications such as BDIH or Ecocert, etc. In particular, a products that meet a specific list of criteria including absence of preservatives, mineral oils and silicone, use of environmentally-friendly production methods and no animal testing bear the BDIH seal. These products are an especially good option for anyone who has sensitive skin or allergies. The assortment of natural products covers the entire gambit of cosmetics, from powder to mascara and eyeshadow.

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Skin Type

Everyone has a different skin type so it's important to use make-up that's suitable to your specific skin type. Ranges have been designed for dry, normal, mature, oily and combination skin, amongst others. A vast number of products even claim to be suitable for all skin types.


This refers to how opaque the make up (usually foundation) is. The most transparent is sheer with 8-13% pigment, then light at 13-18%, medium at 18-23%, and full, which can contain up to 35% pigment to cover scars and birthmarks.

Special Features

Some products have special features such as waterproof and sweat resistant properties, so there's no smudging in the rain or whilst exercising. Non-comedogenic products don't block pores which can help reduce the occurrence of spots. Many products are made with health concerns in mind. For those with especially sensitive skin, hypoallergenic items are ideal. Fragrance free products can also reduce the chance of a flare up and gluten free items also prevent possible reactions in those who suffer from Coeliac Disease. Vegan items, that don't contain any animal by-products and aren't tested on them either, are also available. Some make up has moisturising properties so it can soothe dry skin.

Correction For

If you have certain marks or blemishes you want to hide then there are products that are specifically designed to deal with these. Spots, redness, uneven skin tone and dark circles under the eyes can be covered up with certain products.

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