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“Looking good makes you feel good about yourself. It is that simple.”

Stylist and comedian Lisa O’,Neill

We are specialists in manicures and nail enhancements. From gels to acrylics, paraffin treatments and polish, we will make your nails look the best they can be. We offer advice to suit your specific requirements and lifestyle. We use our hands so much in conversation and to express ourselves, so great looking nails can really boost your confidence.

Of course, we all love beautiful toenails, but it’,s also important to look after the health of your feet. Too many of us put up with painful feet. It can really affect our day-to-day moods and sense of happiness. We walk around on them all day, so they need to be comfortable and in good shape so that they serve us well.


A regular facial can bring benefits to your skin no-end, not to mention the relaxation. We have facials to target and combat varying concerns, from blocked pores and dryness, to tension and detox.

When you make you appointment we can advise on the best facial for you, depending on your needs and the goals you want to achieve.

As William Shakespeare said, “,The eyes are the windows to your soul.”, So you can’,t underestimate the power of well-shaped brows to frame those gorgeous eyes off yours! Definition of the brows, whether by waxing, plucking or both can make a huge difference to how striking your eyes can look.

Let's make up beauty salon in lahore


A regular waxing regimen can take the stress out of ridding of unwanted hair. It also reduces hair growth over time, making it easier to manage. Legs, underarms and bikini are usual areas of concern. We offer professional advice in the form of a consultation to identify your specific needs. Our therapists are highly trained to ensure a flawless, smooth result.


Electrolysis is a fast, effective way to permanently remove hair. It can be used to treat any areas of the face or body, but is best suited to smaller, more concentrated areas such as the upper lip, eyebrows and chin. Electrolysis works by a method of using a small probe on each hair follicle. The very fine probe delivers a current to each follicle, which destroys the cells at the base. The hair is then removed with tweezers and shouldn’,t grow back. Call us for more information and a no obligation consultation.


Make-up and its application can be a very daunting prospect. For those who have been wearing it for years, they’,ve likely got their signature look that’,s been perfected over time. But if you’,re in that camp, making a change or rethinking your make-up look can be as daunting as starting to wear it for the first time.

Even when you want to achieve that natural, dewy, healthy glow, it usually takes some effort and a little bit of help from the right products. When you see a beautiful-looking woman who appears to have very natural make-up it’,s usually because they’,ve found the right make-up for their face and skin tone. It certainly doesn’,t mean that they’,re not wearing much. To the contrary, wearing make-up can make you look healthier and ‘natural’.

So whether you’re wanting to wear make-up for the first time, or to make a fresh assessment of your current regimen, we can give you some inspiration.

The Bella Vi ethos is driven by a desire to enhance confidence, beauty and style, naturally.

Created by husband and wife team Melissa and Glenn Furze and born of a passion for natural beauty, Bella Vi Natural Mineral Makeup is a New Zealand owned boutique cosmetic range.

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Bella Vi has defined a natural and luxurious boutique colour cosmetic collection to bring out the inherent beauty of the skin, rather than hiding it. It offers women a blend of natural, botanical and organic ingredients.

Meaning ‘,beautiful you’, in Italian, Bella Vi Natural Mineral Makeup is made in highly specialised labs in Italy, but is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. It has developed into one of New Zealand’,s most recognised and exclusive natural mineral makeup brands.

Bella Vi has also recently developed a liquid mineral foundation, available at De Lux Beauty. Pressed powder is also a new addition to the collection, to ensure your skin looks flawless around the clock.

Pure and natural botanical skin care directly inspired by Mother Nature.

Tease Botanix takes its cue from Mother Nature to create a natural botanical skin care range. Tease Botanix natural skin care products work in synergy with Mother Nature and you.

A range of quality, natural ingredients is combined, including amazing botanical extracts, natural plant and fruit oils, as well as extra anti-oxidants to help keep your skin in tip-top condition.

We all love to have beautiful, soft and supple skin, so by introducing Tease Botanix natural botanical skin care range into your skin care routine, you’,ll soon discover how you can achieve a natural, healthy, glow to your skin’,s complexion. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, Tease Botanix has a range of natural skin care products for most skin types.

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Ask us in salon for the right combination of Tease Botanix products for you.

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