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With the long holiday season behind us and warmer weather on its way in, spring is in the air. Houses aren&rsquo,t the only thing that could benefit from a spring cleaning! Our makeup bags often get ignored in the mix. It&rsquo,s time to put away your winter makeup and stay on trend with a refreshed, upbeat look! Makeup and beauty blog.

Here are 5 products in your makeup bag you should ditch and what to switch them for:

The sun is going to be out for a lot longer than the last few months, so heavy makeup just isn&rsquo,t going to do you or your skin any favors. Give your skin some room to breathe and put aside that full face makeup base.

Don&rsquo,t worry! You can still have a flawless complexion. Just replace the foundation with a lightweight BB cream or tinted moisturizer. It&rsquo,s a lot easier to apply and will give you a smooth, fresh face that your makeup can comfortably sit on.

In fact, any dark toned lipstick should be put away until winter comes around again. The arrival of spring means bright new flowers and beautiful new colors &ndash, so let your makeup kit reflect the season!

Now that you&rsquo,ve said goodbye to your beloved wine lipstick, say hello to cheerful coral, peach and rosy tinted lip balms. Lip balms are lighter, easier to reapply and they keep your lips soft and hydrated. No one&rsquo,s saying you can',t wear that go-to bright red lip, but give the colors of spring a chance to shine!

Just like foundation, powder blushes are prone to caking, slipping, and sliding making your face look like a damaged exhibit at Madame Tussauds. With the heat of summer approaching, it&rsquo,s best to stay away from powdery products.

As it always is with makeup, there&rsquo,s another option! Cream blushes apply smoothly, giving you a natural flush instead of noticeably fake pink cheeks. You can even blend them onto your eyelids or lips to brighten all your makeup looks.

Stick to rosy or coral hues that complement your lip balm.

Yes, we love our classic cat eyes and crisp liquid liners. But the beauty of spring trends is that you can experiment with more color, without looking like a clown. Take the advantage and ditch your black eyeliner for something a little more fun.

Plum, turquoise, or green can make for an appealing pop of color when you&rsquo,re going for a light, natural look. Pencil eyeliners are softer and easier to smudge than liquid liner, but if you want a really customizable look, use that rainbow eyeshadow palette you haven&rsquo,t touched in weeks. Line your eyes with any bright eyeshadow shade and your eyes will become the focus of your look.

In the warmer weather, your skin is likely to become more oily and constantly dashing off to the ladies&rsquo, room to counter the makeup damaging effects of sweat is not an appealing scenario. So ditch that powder compact!

In the world of makeup, few products are better than a refreshing mist of setting spray. Invest in one and you&rsquo,ll enjoy makeup that stays put for real. It&rsquo,s a simple solution that doesn&rsquo,t add more products on your face, plus it&rsquo,ll give your look a gorgeous, dewy finish!

Now your makeup kit is ready for spring! Don&rsquo,t be afraid to experiment with lighter and brighter colors, after all, this is the perfect time of year to do just that.

Check out this skin care regimen for glowing, healthy-looking skin!

If you haven&rsquo,t paid much attention to your skin in a while, a good cleansing session is a must. This is where you get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and underlying bacteria to prepare your skin for better days. Face masks are a great way to clean up your pores and they also keep your skin hydrated.

- Our popular Hydrating Bubble Mask is a paraben free product that works on all types of skin.

- Wipe skin with a hot towel to open up your pores.

- Apply the gel or mask in a thin layer and wait for the formula to cleanse your pores.

- Then wash clean with cold water to close pores.

A youthful looking complexion doesn&rsquo,t happen overnight. So while skincare is a process, moisturizing should be a constant. It infuses the skin with needed vitamins, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Our Soothing Serum is Grape oil infused moisturizer, suited for oily or dry skin.

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- After showering, apply moisturizer daily over clean skin to restore the body&rsquo,s natural oils.

- If your skin is naturally oily use moisturizers where the first ingredient listed is &lsquo,Aqua.&rsquo, This means that it is water based, not cream based.

- For normal skin that is not too oily or too dry, water based moisturizers lock in just enough moisture without being too heavy.

- For acne prone skin use anti-bacterial lotion that will help to prevent breakouts.

- Dry skin needs a daily dose of essential oils. Look for shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, argan oil, and coconut oil in the list of ingredients.

- Make sure you apply a hydrating primer or moisturizer before any makeup.

Skincare hacks and topical applications are a great way to help prevent the effects of aging skin. But, it&rsquo,s also important to wash away the day&rsquo,s dirt, sweat, and makeup. Use a cleanser or a mild scrub every night before bed. Vitamin infused cleansers (C, A, B, E or K) and exfoliants are even better, giving your skin the nutrition it needs.

And don&rsquo,t limit the cleanser to just nightly use! When you wake up, wash away sweat, dead skin cells, and topical creams applied the previous night.

For extra hydration a night cream like our Nourishing Night Cream can help. Creams with hydrating oils, aloe, vitamins, fruit extracts, and antioxidants will work to moisturize, repair, nourish and strengthen your skin during the night without interference from sweat or dirt.

Use a night cream after your nightly face cleanse. Pat it on under the eyes, on cheeks, nose, forehead, mouth, and neck and enjoy fresher, tighter skin in the morning.

Valentine&rsquo,s Day is here again and we have the 6 easy makeup tips that will help you perfect your look for your perfect date.

Love is in the air again as Valentine&rsquo,s Day is right around the corner! It&rsquo,s time to celebrate love and we have some great makeup ideas for your Valentine&rsquo,s Day look. Whether you',re going out with a group of friends, your partner, or a hot new date, it&rsquo,s important to feel comfortable while still highlighting your best facial features.

You pick out the outfit, we&rsquo,ve got the makeup tips for your sweet, romantic, and flawless look.

You don&rsquo,t want your eye makeup running down or smudging while you&rsquo,re on your date so start by washing your face with a gentle face wash and then apply a face primer over the face and neck to soften the skin and fill in the pores. This will help keep your makeup looking fresh and will last throughout your special day and night.

For a natural look keep your fresh looking fresh and flawless with light face makeup. Conceal any imperfections, blemishes and under eye circles to brighten your face. Our BB cream is a great dual concealer + foundation that&rsquo,s totally lightweight and will give you just the right amount of coverage.

Apply the BB cream onto the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin using a sponge or our foundation brush. Apply using soft, dabbing motions to get the airbrush look.

Further perfect your look with a light layer of concealer by applying to the key areas using our Perfect Blend:

Blend it gently with our concealer brush for a clean and precise look.

Eye makeup is important on Valentine&rsquo,s Day as you stare into each other&rsquo,s eyes while out on your date. Choose a palette with varied colors that have a range of textures. Go for your favorite color or one that matches your outfit. Choose from our rose gold eyeshadow palette and/or our top rated day to night palette set.

Use eyelid primer to keep your eye makeup lasting throughout the night and then apply your favorite eyeshadow color. Our all about eyes palette set provides you with all the tools you need to create the perfect luxurious eye look.

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Now that you have your eyeshadow on, it&rsquo,s time to play around with your eyeliner to match your mood and outfit. We suggest a classic winged look with brown or black liquid eyeliner. Not too thick, but enough to enhance the definition of your eyes. If you&rsquo,re going on an adventure for Valentine&rsquo,s Day and you want to try something bold, then choose one of our brighter, plum, or turquoise liners that complement your eyeshadow.

Define and lengthen your lashes with our lash love set and finally perfect your romantic eye makeup.

Blush is a key component on Valentine&rsquo,s Day. Highlight your cheekbones and add accents and contours by using our contouring blush and bronzing powder. Some people like a bold blush look while others like to keep their cheekbones soft with a dust color. Choose the type of blush and color which best matches your eye makeup. For the shimmery eye look, use a softer toned blush so that both your cheekbones and your eyes complement each other. If you prefer the natural look, choose a lighter colored blush palette which easily blends with your skin tone. Finally, if you like the smoky and bold eye look, choose a bold pink, red or peach colored blush palette.

Extra kissable lips are a must today! Change your lip makeup from a day to night look with our new day to night lipstick duo. Similar to the blush, choose a lipstick, lipstain or a lipgloss based on your eye and blush look.

Now that you have your perfect look in place, spray a few sprits of the matte magic mist &, set to keep your makeup in place and to control shine and oil.

As easy as that, you&rsquo,re ready for your Valentine&rsquo,s Day look. Follow these 6 easy makeup tips and be worry-free during your date. Have fun!

It',s almost the long weekend! Whether you',ve got beaches, barbecues, or booming fireworks planned for 4th of July Weekend, we have the perfect warm weather-friendly look. Our gorgeous model, Remie, was thrilled to show off this Backyard BBQ tutorial:

1.) We applied our Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Little Miss Thing to Remie',s lids. The creamy formula is super long-lasting for being outside all day, and it',s a great brightening neutral.

2) After lining, we applied several coats of our 3-in-1 Mascara to lift, lengthen, and define Remie',s lashes.

3.) To keep those flirty lashes in place through any sweat and humidity, we then applied a coat of Waterproof Mascara Topcoat to Remie',s lashes while the 3-in-1 Mascara was still tacky.

5.) For a beautiful summer highlight, Remie blended our Radiance Enhancer in Sunrise directly on her cheekbones using the brush applicator.

6.) For a red pout that',s perfect for Independence Day, Remie finished her look with our EX-Tra Lip Gloss in Michael. Love that shade!

All hands on deck! We all love our makeup brushes, especially us here at e.l.f.! But sometimes, if we',re feeling pressed for time and in a rush, adding brushes into the makeup equation just adds precious time to our morning routine! We challenged our friend Alexis to put on a full face of makeup without using any brushes. The results? A quick, gorgeous look that',s perfect for early mornings and travel. Here',s how she did it:

1.) Apply your desired shade in our Moisturizing Foundation Stick directly to the face, and blend with clean fingers (Alexis uses the shade Natural). We love our Foundation Sticks, because they',re portable, easy to use, and great for full or light coverage!

2.) Next, Alexis applied the newest shade of our Smudge Pots, Wine Not (A beautiful burgundy!) all over her eyelid using her ring finger. The ring finger applies the least amount of pressure to the eye, and should always be used to prevent any broken vessels or accidental puffiness!

5.) Using the same fingers, Alexis then blended the bronzer from the same palette in the hollows of her cheeks, and along her hairline and jawline for a gentle contour.

6.) Don',t you love when a beauty product turns out to be a multitasker? Alexis loves using the blush from the same Contouring Blush &, Bronzing Cream palette she used on her face for a lip color! Quick and gorgeous, just the way we like it!

We love hearing from elfettes who used their favorite e.l.f. makeup for their wedding! With wedding season upon us, we were inspired to create a beautiful bridal look featuring all-e.l.f. favorites. Every bride deserves to look and feel her best, and what better than e.l.f. to let a bride play beautifully? After all, it',s her best day ever! Our model Erica was thrilled to play the bride for this look. Here',s how we did it:

2.) Using the same palette, mix a blend of the seventh, eight and tenth shades, then apply to the eye using the Contour Brush.

3.) A big day calls for BIG eyes! Apply the Everyday lashes from our Studio Lash Collection using the included tweezers.

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1.) Maria applied the bottom right color from the palette into hollows of her cheeks and down sides of her neck using the Small Tapered Brush. This will have a slimming, toning effect. Don',t blend it in just yet!

2.) Next, she applied the bottom right color along the edges of her nose, as well as the sides of her forehead and chin

3.) To brighten, Maria applied the top right color underneath her eyes, on her cheeks, on the center of forehead, and chin. Since this highlighting shade is matte, it',s great for adding a subtle highlighting affect anywhere the light hits first.

4.) Taking the final, shimmer highlight, Maria applied it where she wanted a more dramatic highlight: On the cheekbones and browbone.

5.) Blend, blend, blend! Taking our Ultimate Blending Brush, Maria gently blended in using soft, rotating motions. The result? Fabulous!

Our calendar has been pretty full this month...There',s so much to celebrate in May, with proms, graduations, and weddings galore! Need a great, versatile look for a formal event this spring? We pulled together a showstopping, elegant look that',s perfect for any event. Behold, the black tie beauty!

4) We wanted a bright pink lip for this look, with lasting power! We outlined the lips with the Lip Lock Pencil to prevent any transferring and feathering.

Meet Meisha, one of the stars in our play beautifully short film! We fell in love with her cool attitude and boho flair! (And she',s also a karaoke knew!?)

Our chief makeup artist Achelle Dunaway created this boho-beautiful look on Meisha for our short film, and we',re still obsessed. Here',s how we did it...

2.) Achelle then used the Flawless Eyeshadow in Rio de Janeiro, using the lime green Crease shade as the base (For a more vibrant look!) and blending the dark green Line shade as an accent. She finished off the eyes with the Mineral Infused Mascara.

3.) Next, we used the white shade of the Shimmer Palette for some additional highlighting in her browbone and corners of her eyes, then the pink shade on Meisha',s cheekbones.

4.) After brushing Meisha',s brows in place, we shaped and set them using the Brow Kit in Dark.

Music festival season is upon us! With the warm weather comes long weekends filled with our favorite music. It',s also a time for bright, beautiful, boho-inspired makeup! We put together this gorgeous look on our friend Donia that features our favorite spring colors in a vibrant look. Check out the step-by-step:

2. Use the shadow end of the Eyeliner &, Shadow Stick in Green/Moss to create a "v" shape on the outer portion of your lid. Then, blend with the "C" Brush or a clean finger.

3. Next, use the eyeliner end of the Eyeliner &, Shadow Stick to line the lower lash and waterline.

4. Apply lashes from our Lash Collection in Everyday using the incuded tweezers to help place them as close to the natural lash line as possible.

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