Concealer makeup

Concealer Makeup: Stretch Concealer, Glossier

How to use: Warm concealer by gently swirling fingertip over the surface, picking up a thin layer of product. Gently pat onto moisturized skin, dabbing outward to blend. Add more for extra coverage—it’s buildable. Tip: if a matte finish is desired, lightly dust with translucent powder. Benefits: Key Ingredients: Beeswax & Microcrystalline Wax Give concealer a super elastic consistency which allows it to move with your expressions, not stiffen and cake. Avocado & Jojoba Oil Nourish skin, prevent water loss, and give a natural dewy finish. Cocoa Butter A natural fat full of the good stuff that promotes skin elasticity and suppleness. Adaptable Mineral Pigments Merge seamlessly...

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